Apply For New SASSA Card Online

Apply For New SASSA Card Online

When you lose your SASSA card, you will need to apply for new SASSA card online to get your new gold card for receiving your grant funds at the ATM. Using the SASSA card, you can check your balance and withdraw funds from the nearest ATM.

In case of a lost card, make sure to block your SASSA card temporarily to keep your SASSA funds. One of my friends gave preference to receive their grant money at an ATM instead of the retailer.

You can apply for an SASSA card online and by visiting the nearest SASSA office. The online method is the best option to initiate the process of a new SASSA card from the comfort of your home.

If you are not comfortable traveling to the SASSA office, then apply online to apply for your new SASSA card. The SASSA new card online application will save you time and provide a user-friendly experience to issue your new card with ease.

Some people prefer to apply for a new card at the post office. The choice is yours which way you want to select to apply for a new SASSA card. Let’s discuss both ways in detail.

Apply For New SASSA Card Online

You can apply for new SASSA card online via the portal or by visiting the SASSA nearest office. 

1. Apply For New SASSA Card Online Via Portal

To apply for new SASSA card online, follow the below instructions.

  • Visit Online Portal: Visit the SASSA official website
  • Login or Register: If you already have a SASSA account, then log in via the portal. If you have visited the SASSA website, then you need to create an account to follow the registration process. While registration, make sure to provide the correct information you have provided at the initial application.
  • Navigate to the SASSA Card Section: Look for the “Card Services” or “Apply for New SASSA Card” button and click on it. You will be redirected to the new page.
  • Fill Out the Application Form: Now, you need to fill out the application form to send a request for the new SASSA card. Make sure to provide accurate information. Before submitting the online application to get a new SASSA card, check your information and ensure everything is correct.
  • Wait For Confirmation From SASSA: When you successfully submit the new SASSA card application, then you have to wait for the SASSA confirmation message. You will be notified via Email or SMS from the SASSA team.

2. Apply For New SASSA Card Via Post Office

If you have limited internet connectivity, then you can try applying for a new card in person at the SASSA office. Some senior citizens don’t understand digital technology, which is why they prefer to use a card at the SASSA office.

To apply for a new SASSA card in person, follow the below instructions.

  • Find Nearest SAPO: Find out the SASSA nearest office. Visit the office near to you. Before visiting the SASSA office, ensure to check its opening and closing timing. One of my friends visited the office without checking its office hours, so when he reached the office, he found the SASSA office was closed. So it was a very uncomfortable experience for him.
  • Collect Necessary Documents: Bring all necessary documents with you. SASSA representative may ask for the South African ID, Identity card, and other essential documents for verification.
  • Visit The SASSA Office: Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, then visit the SASSA nearest office. Request for the representative that you want to apply for a new SASSA card. 
  • Complete Application Form: One of the SASSA representatives will give you an SASSA card application form. Filled the form correctly and provided all the same information you entered in the initial application. If you are confused anywhere, you can ask for the SASSA representative’s help.
  • Collect Your New SASSA Card: When you submit the card form application to the SASSA representative by hand, then, you will receive a receipt from the SASSA team. This receipt will be used to receive your new SASSA card. 

What Are The Requirements To Get SASSA Card

Before applying for new SASSA card, make sure to check your qualifications for it. According to the SASSA, they have found many fraudulent activities, and then they changed the policy of the SASSA card in 2012. 

To minimize fraudulent activities, SASSA has issued a new policy that everyone has to verify their biometrics and provide proof of personal details such as identity card, address, etc.

Make sure you are following the below requirements before applying for the new SASSA card.

  • Your age must be 18.
  • You must be a South African permanent resident. 
  • Make sure you are a beneficiary of SASSA and have any active grants.
  • You are not receiving financial support from other government organizations.
  • Provide proof of address and bank statement.
  • If you are married, make sure your annual income is lower than R 2,455,400.
  • If you are single, make sure your annual income is lower than R86,280 per year.

Frequently Ask Questions

What documents do I need to get a new SASSA card?

If you want to get a new SASSA card or renew your existing card at the post office, then you need to bring the following documents with you.

  • South African ID
  • Address proof
  • Utility bill
  • Identity card

How do I withdraw money from SASSA card?

You can withdraw money from the SASSA card at any ATM in South Africa. The SASSA card is similar to the debit card.

Where Can I Use SASSA card?

You can link the SASSA card to the bank card to make the transaction at the ATM. Let’s suppose you want to purchase something from the store; then you can swipe the SASSA card in the South African stores to make payment for your grocery items, etc.

Final Verdict

That was all about how you can apply for new SASSA card online and offline by visiting the post office. Now, the choice is yours, which way you want to use to get your new SASSA card.

In my opinion, applying for a new card online is the best and most convenient option, saving you time and providing you with comfort from home. If you are a senior citizen or a nontechnical person, then you can visit the SASSA nearest office and request the SASSA representative for a new card.

What method have you used to get your new card, and how was your experience with it? Let us know in the comments section below. It will help our readers.


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