How To Block SASSA Card Online

How To Block SASSA Card Online

When you accidentally lost your SASSA card, or thieves steal it, you must block it temporarily to keep your account safe and protected. Knowing how to block SASSA card online is essential in such critical situations.

The SASSA card plays a vital role in withdrawing our SASSA grant payments. When someone steals, or you lose it, you can temporarily block it to enhance the security of your funds.

Sometimes, you may have a security concern related to your SASSA card, so blocking it online is the most straightforward solution. It’s essential to control the funds available in your SASSA account.

The SASSA card online blocking mechanism is the best alternative to face the challenges confidently. Take immediate action when you lose your SASSA card or have other security concerns.

How To Block SASSA Card Online

If you have lost your SASSA card or it was stolen, then blocking your SASSA card is the best option to protect your SASSA funds. When you lose your card, take immediate action to block your card.

If you don’t inform the SASSA team immediately, you may lose your funds due to fraudulent activity. There are two methods you can utilize to block your SASSA card. Let’s dive into it.

1. Contact SASSA Helpline for Assistance

  • You can block your SASSA card by contacting the SASSA helpline 0800 601011. Call the helpline. It’s an SASSA toll-free number.
  • You have to wait. Sometimes, one of the SASSA representatives will attend your call.
  • Request a SASSA representative to block your SASSA card. Provide the reasons why you need to block the card. 
  • SASSA representative will ask for the information to verify that the account belongs to you. Provide them with all the requested details, such as South African ID, phone number, etc.
  • SASSA agent will verify your details and start processing to block your SASSA card.

2. Visit SAPO SASSA Post Office

  • Find the nearest SAPO(South Africa Post Office) offering the SASSA services. If you need to know which SAPO is close to you, check SASSA’s nearest offices.
  • Visit a SAPO branch near you and ask an SASSA representative for help. 
  • Request the SASSA agent that you want to block your SASSA card. They may ask for the reason. So, provide them a valid reason that my card has been stolen, lost, etc.
  • The SASSA representative will ask some questions for verification purposes. They may ask about your South African ID and cell phone number. Answer every question as requested.
  • When SASSA verifies everything, they will block your SASAS card on the spot and will let you know it has been blocked.

Advice For Blocking Your SASSA Card

  • Take Swift Action: When you lose your SASSA card, immediately report it to the SASSA team. Report your incident to the SASSA team and tell the story that happened to you to minimize the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Safeguard Your Information: Keep your personal information, such as details on the card. Don’t share it with anyone to minimize the fraudulent activity and misuse.
  • Seek Guidance and Support: If you have any questions or concerns about your SASSA card, then contact the SASSA helpline without hesitation. The SASSA representative will help you solve your query and protect the financial funds in your account.

How to Confirm Your SASSA Card is Blocked

When you block your SASSA card by visiting SAPO’s nearest branch or calling the SASSA toll-free number, it’s essential to confirm whether it has been stopped successfully. Here are some steps you need to follow to ensure the blockage of your SASSA card.

1. Visit an ATM for Confirmation

When you know about your SASSA payment dates, you will receive your payment. Visit any nearest ATM and enter your SASSA card on the ATM to check whether it’s blocked or still working.

If you have successfully withdrawn your grant payment, it’s still working and not blocked. If you see any error or message on the ATM screen that your card has been blocked or invalid, your SASSA card has been successfully blocked.

2. Test Online and In-Store Purchases

First, it’s recommended to note the card number and another important number that can be used during online shopping. Now, try to purchase something online by entering the SASSA card details.

When you click on the checkout and proceed button, you will face an error that there is a problem with your card or your card has been blocked, confirming that your SASSA card has been successfully blocked.

3. Contact SASSA Helpline for Verification

You can call the SASSA at the toll-free number 0800601011 and ask them about the status of the SASSA card. One of the SASSA representatives will tell you about your card status, whether it’s blocked or still functional.

Final Verdict

It’s essential to learn how to block SASSA card online to protect your financial funds on your SASSA account. Act promptly when you lose your card, or someone steals it. In my opinion, the best option is to block your online by contacting the SASSA helpline.

When you lose your card, directly call the SASSA helpline at 0800601011 and request them to block your SASSA card to protect your funds. The SASSA may need some information to verify the card belongs to you.

Which method have you used to block your SASSA card? Calling the SASSA helpline is the most convenient method. It’s recommended to call from your registered number. If the SAPO branch is near you, you can block your SASSA card by visiting the SASSA office and requesting an SASSA representative face-to-face to block your SASSA card.


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