How Much Must You Earn to Qualify for SASSA Grant

How Much Must You Earn to Qualify for SASSA Grant

The eligibility for the SASSA grant is based on financial assets and income. It doesn’t matter what grants you get from the SASSA. The eligibility criteria applied to all social grants and SRD grants. The qualification criteria of the SASSA play an essential role in determining your eligibility for the SASSA grant.

To qualify for the SASSA funds, you must pass the SASSA means test checking your income and asset threshold. It must be at least according to the specific criteria of SASSA. SASSA will approve your application if your financial status is within the criteria.

A question may arise in your mind: how much must you earn to qualify for SASSA grant? The income threshold depends on factors such as marital status and the grant type you have applied for.

Whether you are a single individual or married, you have to earn less than according to the specific criteria. One of my friends told a lie while applying the application. SASSA rejected his application by determining everything using the SASSA means test.

SASSA offers many grants, and each of them has different eligibility criteria. The SASSA verification process is very strict, preventing fraudulent activity. Let’s discuss the minimum and maximum income threshold to quality for the SASSA grant.

How Much Must You Earn to Qualify for SASSA Grant

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides financial assistance to needy people. Whether you are looking for a disabled, old, care-dependent grant, child support grant, or SRD grant, you can apply for the grant that looks suitable for you.

The SASSA grants money only to needy and deserving people. If you don’t deserve it, you don’t need to apply for it. However, if you have applied, your application will be rejected due to the specific criteria of the SASSA.

There are different types of SASSA grants; here are the key considerations and eligibility criteria to qualify for the SASSA grant.

SRD R350 Grant (Social Relief of Distress)

The SRD R350 is a temporary grant for unemployed citizens of South Africa with a valid South African ID and phone number. If you deserve the SASSA funds, you can apply for the SRD R350 grant every month.

Eligibility Criteria: To qualify for the SRD grant, ensure your monthly threshold income doesn’t exceed the limit of R624. If your bank account has a balance below the limit, you can easily qualify for the SRD grant. When your SRD application is approved, you will start receiving SASSA money through your selected payment method.

SASSA Child Support Grant

The child support is the SASSA grant specially designed for families with children seeking financial support. If you are a single caregiver, then to qualify for the SASSA child support grant, your monthly income should not exceed the limit of R4,000.

For married couples, your monthly income should be, at most, the limit of R8,000. Make sure that it would be a combined income of both spouses.

Are you looking for a permanent child support grant? Make sure that your annual income is within the limit of R60,000. It includes the applicant’s overall assets and balance.

Care Dependency Grant

As a parent, if you have children above the age of 18, then you can apply for the care dependency grant. To qualify for it, make sure your monthly income is less than R20,800.

Do you want to be considered the primary caregiver of this grant? To qualify for the grant, make sure that the combined income of both parents doesn’t exceed the limit of R41,600.

If your monthly income exceeds specific criteria, your application will be declined.

SASSA Foster Child Grant

The Foster Child grant doesn’t require monthly income or assets. If you are a deserving person, you will receive financial support from the SASSA.

You must have a South African court order and ID to qualify for the Foster Child grant. You will receive monthly financial support in this grant for the Foster children in your care.

Old Age Grant

To qualify for the Old Age Grant, the maximum annual income should be, at most, the limit of R96,840.

For a married couple, the combined monthly income should not exceed the limit of R16,140, and its annual income should be below R193,680.

War Veterans Grant

The maximum annual income of the single applicant for the War Veterans Grant is R86,280.

For a married couple applicant, the combined maximum annual income is R172,560. If you want to pass the SASSA War Veterans Grant eligibility criteria, make sure your income does not exceed the mentioned criteria.

SASSA Disability Grant

For a single applicant to qualify for the SASSA disability grant, ensure the monthly income does not exceed the limit of R16,140.

For a married applicant, both combined annual incomes don’t exceed the limit of R193,680.

Understanding the Income Limits for SASSA Grants

If you want to qualify for the SASSA grant, it’s essential to understand the monthly and annual income limits for each grant. Before applying for a grant, you can check your eligibility criteria for every grant type.

If you are a deserving and needy applicant applying for the grant, you can submit a SASSA online application without worry. It doesn’t matter if you are single or married. We have shared detailed information regarding the eligibility criteria for single and married couples.

Final Verdict

That was all about how much you must earn to qualify for SASSA grant, and I hope it’s now clear to you about the eligibility criteria for every grant. I recommend you apply for the grant you think you are eligible for.

If your income exceeds the monthly and annual income limit threshold, then SASSA will reject your application. Check the eligibility criteria before submitting the grant application.

How much are you earning monthly and annually? You may not like answering my questions because many people keep money secrets. If you want to qualify for the SASSA grant and approve your SASSA application, then make sure that your earnings are below the specific limit for the specific grant.


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