How to Claim SASSA Funeral Benefits

How to Claim SASSA Funeral Benefits

When you lose someone, it’s a difficult time of your life that makes you sad, and the most challenging thing is that you have to spend the money on the funeral ceremony. If the deceased person is a SASSA beneficiary, you must know how to claim SASSA funeral benefits.

The SASSA offer funeral benefits to the SASSA enforcer in case of death to alleviate the financial burden on your family during the difficult time. To claim SASSA funeral benefits, you have to follow the instructions of the SASSA funeral policy.

SASSA provides financial relief to the citizens of South Africa facing financial challenges such as unemployed individuals, health issues, poverty, disability, old age people, etc.

The SASSA funeral benefits don’t mean that the grant payment will be transferred to your loved ones, and they will get the money on behalf of your death. You can get only financial assistance from the SASSA for the cost of funeral arrangements that will help your family in such a difficult time.

After the beneficiary’s death, the SASSA is responsible for the funeral arrangement cost and the last month’s payment to alleviate the financial burden on your family. Let’s dive into the details to claim SASSA funeral benefits.

How to Claim SASSA Funeral Benefits

You can claim SASSA funeral benefits in case of the loved one’s death was a benefit of SASSA receiving the grant payment to fulfil their basic needs. According to the SASSA funeral policy, you can claim all the funds from SASSA associated with the funeral arrangement.

Here is the step-by-step guide to claiming SASSA funeral benefits.

  • You have to show the death certificate of the grant holder indicating that the beneficiary is deceased.
  • Your ID and other documents represent that you are the deceased person’s legal representative.
  • Show a receipt of the funeral cost arrangement.

You can’t get SASSA funeral benefits for yourself. It’s only for the funeral cost arrangement to alleviate the family’s financial burdens. Also, don’t submit a fake receipt. Make sure to prepare a receipt according to the funeral cost.

Make sure to take a photocopy of the funeral cost receipt. If you lost it, you can submit its photocopy as proof to e SASSA. If you lost its original receipt and don’t have a photocopy, then you can ask for a receipt of evidence from the funeral parlor.

Who Can Qualifiers For The SASSA Funeral Benefits

According to the SASSA policy, only the deceased person’s legal representative can benefit from the SASSA funeral. The legal representative means that individuals have a relationship with the deceased, such as parents, spouses, children, etc.

The legal representative must show proof of the relationship with the deceased person. Also, it’s essential that the deceased person was the beneficiary of the SASSA and received the grant payment when they were alive.

You have to submit all the necessary documents required by the SASSA. If you have all these things, you are qualified to get financial assistance from the SASSA to cover the funeral expenses.

How To Apply For SASSA Funeral Benefits

To apply for the SASSA funeral benefits, follow the steps below.

  • Report the Death: First, report the SASSA beneficiary’s death on the toll-free number.
  • Gather Documents: Before visiting the SASSA office, collect all the required documents, such as the deceased death certificate, funeral receipt, etc.
  • Visit SASSA Nearest Office: Visit the SASSA nearest office along with the required documents.
  • Submit Documents to the SASSA Representative: Request the SASSA agent that you want to claim the SASSA funeral benefits for your loved ones. Provide proof of all the documents as a legal representative.
  • Wait For The Payment: The SASSA will take a few days to verify everything. After verification, SASSA will release the payment for the SASSA funeral benefits.

What is the Amount of SASSA Funeral Policy

According to the SASSA funeral policy, you can receive the unclaimed grant payment of the deceased individual and get financial support for the cost of the funeral arrangement. There is no exact amount that how much amount you will get.

SASSA will allow you to get the unclaimed grant amount for the month of the beneficiary’s death. Let’s suppose the funeral cost receipt increases from the funds available in the deceased account. You will not be paid extra money for yourself; only you will receive the money according to the receipt for the funeral arrangement cost.

Understanding SASSA Funeral Policy

There are two types of SASSA funeral policies for the SASSA beneficiary.

1. SASSA Unclaimed Benefits

If the SASSA beneficiary passed away and didn’t collect their last month’s grant payment th, her legal representative is eligible to apply for the SASSA unclaimed benefits. Ensure you cover the funeral expenses of the deceased individuals on the unclaimed grant amount.

You must submit all necessary documents to apply for the SASSA unclaimed benefits. Also, the SASSA means test will check the eligibility criteria and respond to you accordingly.

2.  Funeral Insurance/Scheme

Since 2017, SASSA has decided to make deductions for the funeral insurance for old age, disabled individuals, War veterans and other social grants. In my opinion, it’s the best decision by SASSA to get the funeral expenses to cover the deceased individual’s costs.

The SASSA does not offer the SASSA funeral policy; however, private insurance companies offer insurance plans for the funeral arrangement cost.

Final Verdict

That was all about how to claim SASSA funeral benefits, and I hope it’s clear to you that you can claim last month’s grant amount for deceased individuals to cover the funeral cost. The legal representative of the deceased person is eligible to get the funeral arrangement cost.

It’s essential to inform the SASSA about its beneficiary’s death as soon as possible. Gather all the required documents and submit them to the SASSA office to recover the funeral costs.

Does SASSA pay for funerals? Yes, SASSA pays for the funeral cost of their beneficiary. The deceased’s legal representative must submit all the required documents to cover the funeral arrangement expenses.


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