Is R350 Grant Increased To R700 (Official Update)

Is R350 Grant Increased To R700

The SASSA SRD grant is the social relief for the citizens of South Africa launched during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people have lost their jobs, so SASSA gave the R350 grant to unemployed individuals and families.

Is R350 grant increased to R700? Many SASSA beneficiaries believe that SASSA may have increased the grant amount from R350 to R700. This news is only circulated on the social media platform on the different fake accounts.

The SASSA officially announced that there is no reality that we are increasing the R350 to R700. The SRD R350 grant is a temporary grant launched during the COVID-19 pandemic. SASSA has no plan to increase its amount. The SRD grant amount will be R350 until they are active.

If you have seen any post or news anywhere that is surging about the R350 to R700 increase, it’s fake. There is no reality to it. Before trusting fake news, check the SASSA official website to confirm the latest news.

SASSA may make a plan in the future to make the SRD grant permanent because of the poverty and unemployment in South Africa. The R350 grant amount will be the same and won’t increase to R624 or R700.

Is R350 Grant Increased To R700

No, the R350 grant has not been increased to R700. No changes are expected in the SRD grant amount. However, the other social grant amounts increased from 1 April 2024 and the next date is 1 October 2024.

Another piece of news is floating around: the SRD grant has been increased to R624, which is fake news. The R700 news is fake, and other social SASSA grants do not offer the R700 amount.

Before spreading the fake news further, verifying the information from the SASSA department is essential. If you have spread false information, it can lead to disappointment for the R350 grant beneficiaries.

You can get the R700 amount when you qualify for the R350 grant but haven’t received the payment for two months. If you don’t collect the payment for two months, you will receive R700.

Make sure to collect your grant payment within three months; otherwise, your grant will be ceased. Is it true that SRD grant increased to R700? No, it’s fake, and this news has no reality.

The South African government has no plan to increase the SRD R350 grant amount because other social grants are increasing twice yearly.

The good news is that the SRD R350 grant has been extended to March 2025. Many unemployed South African citizens are hoping that SASSA may make it permanent.

History of SRD R350 Grant

The COVID-19 pandemic affected South Africa and the whole world. Most of the citizens of South Africa lost their jobs because of the lockdown to control the virus. This is why the government of South Africa introduced the special COVID-19 Social Relief Distress (SRD) R350 grant in May 2020.

SASSA has launched the SRD grant to help needy individuals and families reduce South Africa’s poverty. It is a temporary grant, but most of the unemployed citizens of South Africa are completing their basic needs on it.

According to the DSD department, 70% of applicants are below 34 and hold a degree and diploma. The South African government’s 60% budget is spent on social wages and different types of SASSA grants.

The 27 million people get funds from the SASSA every month. The South African government may also stop extending the other social grants if they find the budget is out of control.

Is It True That SRD Grant Increased to R700

No, it is not true that the SRD grant increased to R700. There is no reality to this news. If you have heard anywhere that this news is fake, ignore it. SASSA has no plan to increase the R350 grant amount in the future.

As from the name observed, SRD is R350, so its grant payment will be R350, and it will stick to that. The SASSA government has only increased the grant amount for the other social grants except SRD R350.

Final Verdict

That was all about Is R350 grant increased to R700, and I hope it’s clear that it will remain the same. There are no changes expected to increase the R350 grant. Before accepting the information as accurate, verifying information by the official department is recommended.

The rumors may have spread the information quickly to all the SASSA beneficiaries, but in reality, it is fake news. According to the SASSA official, there has been no increase in R350 grants to R700.

The SRD R350 grant will remain unchanged forever. Some people share the wrong information to make themselves viral, so don’t believe in it. Check the SASSA official’s website to keep yourself updated about any news.


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