Old Age Homes for SASSA Pensioners

Old Age Homes for SASSA Pensioners

If you are a senior citizen in South Africa looking for a home and pensions, you can benefit from the old age homes for SASSA pensioners. The SASSA will provide homes and pensions for old people to live a comfortable life.

As an older person, you can get a pension and old age homes to spend your remaining life more joyfully. In South Africa, old age homes are the institutions providing the residents with facilities and extra assistance to live their lives.

The additional care support will be provided to you. The environment of the home will be safe and comfortable. Due to the huge responsibilities, you may be unable to help provide support and care to your elders.

This is why old home age institutions provide a dedicated space to your grandparents and receive extra care and assistance in the frail state. Sometimes, it’s difficult for you to take off your kids and your grandparents. In such critical situations, old age homes are the best options for your grandparents.

Some old people love to stay home but have a strong financial background, having enough money to spend the rest of their lives without financial problems. For those senior citizens who want to complete their basic needs, an old home age is the best option.

Location of Old Age Homes for SASSA Pensioners

If you plan to stay in the old age home, then you don’t need to worry that SASSA will allow its pensioners to stay in the old age home.

Here is the complete list of old age homes where you can find the nearest one. I recommend you choose the nearest old age home. 

If you are looking for an old age home for your grandparents, find the nearest one that is easiest for you to meet with your family members.

List of Old Age Homes For SASSA in South Africa

Here is the list of old-age homes for SASSA pensioners.

  • AA Tomlinson In Swellendam Overberg
  • ACVV Heidehof in Caledon
  • Theewaterskloof in Overberg
  • Beaconvale Frail Care Centre in Mitchells Plain
  • Helderberg Society for the Aged in Somerset West
  • Highlands House in Vredehoek
  • Nazareth House in Vredehoek
  • Loeriehof in Knysna

Application Procedure For an Older Person’s Residential Facility

Here is the step-by-step process of the application for a residential facility for old-age SASSA pensioners.

  • Visit the nearest social development department office.
  • Request to the SASSA representative that you are looking for a residential facility.
  • SASSA representative will provide you with an old age homes residential form.
  • Fill out the application. You can ask for SASSA representative help if you need help understanding somewhere.
  • Bring your South African ID and medical report with you.
  • Submit the application form along with the medical report.
  • Your application will go through the SASSA means test to determine your eligibility.
  • SASSA team may visit your home to check your home condition.
  • When your application is approved, you will receive old-age home support from the Social Workers department.
  • When your application is rejected, you will receive a written notification.
  • If you think you are eligible for old age home facilities, you can appeal to the Minister of Social Development.

Eligibility Criteria For Older Person Homes

The eligibility criteria for old age homes for SASSA pensioners are given below.

  • You must be 60 or above to be eligible for the residential facility.
  • You must be a South African resident.
  • You must receive the old age pension to qualify for the old age home facilities.
  • The medical report is essential to submit that will show your fitness.
  • If you wish to live your remaining life at the old age homes, you must apply for it.
  • You must pass the screening test to qualify for the old age home facility.

Factors To Consider Before Selecting Old Age Homes

Before selecting the old age home for your grandparents or grandmother, consider the following key points.

  • Look for a home that is comfortable and near to your home.
  • Ensure that the old age house is completing the needs of your dietary and preference.
  • If you have a disability or can’t walk without a wheelchair, check for a home with wheelchair facilities.
  • Check for the house has a medical care service to check your health.
  • Depending on your choice, you can select a home in or without the city.

Old Age Homes For SASSA Pensioners Images

Old age homes for SASSA pensioners are the best institutions providing the residents and basic needs of life to the senior citizens of South Africa. Old age homes are the best options for extra care and support.

As an older person, if your family has abandoned you and does not care for you, you can live in an old age home to live a comfortable life with basic needs.

Here are some images of people living their life in old age homes. I believe you will not feel that you are not at your home. You will love spending time with older age people in old age homes.

old age homes people are happy
Old age people discussion

Final Verdict

If you are older, you must require extra care and assistance to live a comfortable life. If your family is not taking care of you, which is necessary for you, then old homes for SASSA pensioners are the best option to spend your remaining life with a good living.

Sometimes, your family may take care of you, but you have a disease that easily spreads to another person. You can choose the old age home to keep your family safe.

In old age homes, they will take special care of you and even arrange a particular room to live a comfortable life. You may think that I can’t live life without family.

However, when you choose the old age homes,
all the people there will look to you like a family member. There is no application fee for the older resident facility.

Don’t lose hope you can live a remaining life at the old age homes more comfortably.


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