SASSA Approved with Payday But No SMS

SASSA Approved with Payday But No SMS

If you have recently applied for the SRD grant and SASSA approved with payday but no SMS was received from the SASSA team, you might be stuck in this situation. You don’t need to be worried because it’s one of the most common scenarios with SASSA applicants and beneficiaries.

You might be confused and frustrated that I got approval from the SASSA, but you didn’t receive an SMS to gain access to the grant benefit. For SASSA, every applicant and beneficiary, it’s essential to understand why SMS notifications are missing.

Some people are waiting for their grant approval. They received approval notification that they wanted to withdraw their funds to fulfill their basic life needs. The lack of SMS stops you from getting your grant funds.

If you are receiving your grant payment through the Shoprite store, then you have to show proof of the SMS to them to withdraw your funds successfully. An SMS is essential because it will notify you about your grant payment collection. 

In this article, you will learn why you didn’t receive the SMS notification even though SASSA has approved your grant. We will discuss the possible reasons and solutions to effectively deal with NO SMS situations.

Reasons Behind SASSA Approved with Payday But No SMS

There are different reasons why SASSA approved with payday but no SMS notification was received from the SASSA. The problem can be from your side or SASSA’s. Let’s look at the main factors leading to the no SMS issues.

Incorrect Personal Detail

Sometimes, you may have entered incorrect details while applying. It’s important to double-check the form to ensure everything is entered correctly. Check the name, email address, phone number, and other personal details properly and ensure everything is correct.

Also, don’t try to register on the SASSA website or any other person’s name. If you made any mistake while filling out the application form, you can update it. If you entered the wrong mobile phone number, here is how to change the SASSA cell phone number.

Application Might Be Reviewed Late

Sometimes, SASSA receives a lot of form submissions, so due to high traffic, SASSA may review applications late. This problem will be from the SASSA team, but wait patiently. Your application will be reviewed soon and notified via SMS.

Technical Error

If your application is approved, you might not receive an SMS due to technical glitches in the SASSA system. You can contact SASSA and ask if the IT, glitches, and network problems have been solved, then send an SMS notification of your grant approval.

Corruption at Play

Many organizations and agencies face this problem. You might not receive an SMS due to corruption and dishonesty in the post office. If you made some changes, you might receive an SMS notification from the SASSA.

If anyone is trying to do fraudulent activities and you observe it, then inform the SASSA department to do an honest transaction to the needy and deserving individuals.

If any other person receives your funds due to fraudulent activities, you might be unable to collect your payment.

Update Banking Details

If you have updated banking details, it confused the SASSA system that required verifications. Some people update the bank details of the other person, leading to the problem requiring verification.

When you update the banking details at once, don’t try to update them again. Verifying the new banking details in the SASSA system will take time.

Switch Payment Method

Recently, if you have changed your payment method to the bank and then again decided to change the payment method to Shoprite, Post Office, etc., constantly changing details may lead to an SMS delay.

What To Do Next When SASSA SMS Is Missing

If approval SMS is missing, take the following actions to resolve your problem.

  • Wait For Approval SMS: First, wait for the approval SMS. If you haven’t received any SMS notification from SASSA after a long time, then open SASSA official website to confirm your approval status. 
  • Contact SASSA Helpline: If your grant application status has been approved but you haven’t received approval SMS, contact SASSA on the toll-free number  0800601011 or email the SASSA team at
  • Visit SASSA’s Nearest Office: You can also visit the SASSA office and ask the SASSA agent face to face about the reasons you haven’t received an approval SMS. 
  • Report a Complaint: If you have found any corruption happening in the SASAS post office, then as soon as possible, report it to the police and SASSA head office.
  • Verify Personal Information: Ensure you enter the correct details while submitting the grant application. If you made any mistake anywhere, then you can update it.

Preventing SRD R350 Approval SMS Issues

To minimize the risk of approval, SMS takes the following precautions.

  • Enter the accurate details and avoid mistakes while entering your personal information.
  • Provide authentic information; don’t try to cheat with SASSA.
  • Before submitting the application, make sure to double-check the information.
  • Make sure to add the updated banking and cell phone number details.
  • Stick with a one payment method suitable for you.
  • If you plan to change any details, modify them on the SASSA official website at once. Don’t try to change it again and again.
  • Keep all documents with you as proof of approval.

Final Verdict

It’s not finished here when SASSA approved with payday but no SMS; however, it’s essential to get the approval SMS from SASSA to withdraw your funds easily. Understanding the reasons behind the approval is essential, but no SMS was received.

If your grant application has been approved but you have not received an SMS, you should contact the SASSA team to resolve the issues. If you already know you made mistakes while entering your personal information, correct them in the update.

What proactive steps have you taken to receive an SMS? Let us share your experience with our readers. Also, let us know where you made mistakes that led to the approval but no SMS received.


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