SASSA Card Decline

SASSA Card Decline

If your SASSA card decline or it’s not working at the ATM, it might be due to different reasons. When you enter your SASSA card at an ATM, you often receive an error that it’s declined. Don’t worry about it. In most cases, it’s a technical issue from the bank side.

You may be unaware it is a bank issue, or my SASSA card declined. Any possibility can happen; the main thing is how you will recognize it. My friend said he wasted half an hour at the ATM facing the decline error.

The SASSA card is the lifeline of the South African citizen SASSA benefits helping them to receive their grant payment at ATMs. However, the SASSA card not working at the ATM can be frustrating.

You must understand why you are encountering the declined or SASSA card is not working error.

Reasons For SASSA Card Decline at ATM

The reasons for the SASSA card decline at ATM are given below.

  • Wrong PIN: You may have entered the wrong PIN associated with your SASSA card.
  • Expired Card: If your SASSA card is expired, it will not work. You have to renew the SASSA card.
  • Insufficient Funds: The declined error may be due to insufficient funds so check your balance on your SASSA card via ATM.
  • Technical Issues: Sometimes, there might be technical issues with the ATM or SASSA services. If ATM is okay, contact the SASSA and discuss the issue with the representative.
  • Damaged Card Chip: If your SASSA card chip is damaged due to a key in your pocket or it breaks, you may encounter a decline error at the ATM.
  • Exceed Fund Limit: If you are trying to withdraw the maximum funds unavailable on your account, it may result in a declined error.
  • Lost or Stolen Card: If your card is lost, it must be reported to the SASSA team to prevent unauthorized access.
  • SASSA Rejection: Your grant may be rejected by SASSA because you didn’t pass the SASSA means screening test of the current month.
  • Account Restrictions: If your SASSA card has a withdrawal limit, check whether the limit has been reached.

When SASSA Card Decline Follow These Steps

Verify the Reason:

  1. Check for an error message on the ATM screen.
  2. Try to understand it and solve the query as per instructions on ATM.
  3. If you still need clarification about the error, contact the SASSA representative.
  • Provide Correct PIN: Make sure you are entering the correct PIN. If you forget it, call the SASSA representative and ask them to provide your card PIN or reset it. For verification, a SASSA representative will ask for your South African ID, phone number, etc.
  • Check Grant Payment: Check your SASSA payment dates and confirm when you will receive the grant payment. Make sure to visit the ATM to withdraw your funds when deposited in your account.

How To Solve SASSA Card Not Working at ATM

My SASSA card declined? What should I do? If you face the decline issue at the ATM, follow the below instructions to solve your problem.

  • First, ensure that your ATM card is not damaged (the chip is not cracked). Ensure it’s working fine in the ATM.
  • When you face any error on the ATM, then directly contact the SASSA team on the toll-free number 0800601011 and discuss the issue with him they will help you to resolve your issue.
  • When you call the SASSA helpline, they will ask for the required information for verifications. Answer them as requested details.
  • If you are uncomfortable with the ATM, you can change the SASSA payment method to receive your grant money according to your desired method.
  • If you understand an issue with the ATM, you can try your funds later or ask the local Bank staff about the issue.

Frequently Ask Questions

Why are SASSA grant cards declining?

Your SASSA card may be declined for several reasons, such as an expired card, insufficient funds, wrong PIN code, etc. Try to recognize the problem from where I am facing the declined error and solve it accordingly.

How can I check the balance on my SASSA card after a decline?

When you face a SASSA card decline issue, you can check your balance via ATM using the online banking service. You can also confirm the balance by contacting the SASSA helpline. Ensuring your balance on your SASSA card will identify the potential issues on your card.

If your SASSA card has no balance, the decline error might be due to that issue. Otherwise, if you have a balance in your SASSA account, that’s not the case for your declining ATM error.

Can a expired card cause card decline problem?

Yes, if your SASSA card is expired, it might result in a declined error. However, according to the SASSA, they have extended the expiry date of the SASSA card.

Final Verdict

Encountering a SASSA card decline can be a frustrating issue. It’s essential to understand the reasons behind it and identify why your SASSA card is not working at the ATM. 

The several reasons leading to the SASSA card decline issues include entering a wrong PIN, technical issues, card block, insufficient funds, etc. Try to check every reason one by one so you will find valid reasons why you are getting the declined error on the screen.

Keep in mind that keep your ATM PIN private from everyone. Don’t share the information available on your card with a stranger. Monitor your SASSA balance over time, and if you have applied fresh, then check your SASSA status to check your eligibility.


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