SASSA Card Renewal

SASSA Card Renewal

The SASSA card is an electronic payment card connected to the SASSA payment mechanism, which allows you to withdraw your payment at any ATM. When you withdraw the payment, you will receive recipients from the ATM with all SASSA funds records.

If your SASSA card is expired, you may not be eligible to withdraw money from the SASSA card using an ATM. Doing the SASSA card renewal process is essential to receive your SASSA SRD grant funds on time.

According to research, 48% of people withdraw their funds through cash pay points, SAPO Branches, retailers, and SASSA gold cards. Do you have an expired SASSA postbank card? According to the higher authority of the post bank, Dr. Bongani Diaco mentioned that you can withdraw your grant money without interruption until December 2023.

If your SASSA card expires on 31 December so that you can withdraw grant money throughout 2024, what should you do when it expires before the last day of 2023?

This article will help you learn how to do SASSA card renewal online. We will walk through the whole procedure of the SASSA card renewal process at the office, process dates, eligibility, documents, and other relevant information related to the renewal.

SASSA Card Renewal

The applicant must visit the nearest Post office Bank Branch to renew the SASSA card. A Post office representative will guide the beneficiary through the renewal process of the SASSA card. I am helping you as a Post office official representative with how the SASSA card renewal process can be done.

  • Visit the nearest SAPO (South African Post Office) branch.
  • Bring the expired SASSA card and other required documents, such as the identity card and other SASSA-related documents.
  • Go to any counter in the SASSA post office branch and let them know you want to renew your SASSA expired card.
  • The SASSA official will guide you through the renewal process.
  • You will receive a renewal form. You have to fill it in with the requested information.
  • If you are confused while filling out the SASSA card renewal form, ask for representative help.
  • When you fill out the form, submit it to the SASSA representative. You will receive a receipt that can be used to collect your SASSA new card.
  • When your new SASSA card has been made, then you will be notified to collect your SASSA card from the SAPO (South African Post Office) branch.

How To Collect SASSA Card

You can collect your new SASSA card from the SASSA nearest office. If your SASSA card is expired and you have to withdraw the funds from your grants, you can request the SASSA official update your card as soon as possible.

When collecting your card from the SASSA office, bring the original receipts SASSA provided when you submitted the renewal form.

It would be better to renew the SASSA card before expiration to help you receive the grant payment on time.

How To Activate SASSA Card

The activation process of the SASSA card is simple. When you receive your card, it comes with the activation instructions. Sometimes, if activation instruction is missed or you lose it, you can contact the SASSA helpline for card activation.

The SASSA helpline may ask for the required information such as identification, card number, etc. When SASSA verifies that everything on your SASSA card belongs to you, you can set up the PIN to secure your SASSA card.

If you have a plan to activate the SASSA card on an automated system, then make sure to follow the prompts of the speaking representative.

Do you need clarification on whether your card is activated? You can confirm it from the SASSA helpline and use it at any ATM. If you have made a successful transaction, your card has been activated.

SASSA Card Renewal Dates

According to research, most of the SASSA cards expire in December 2023. If you are one of those, you don’t need to worry because the South African government has announced that the grant beneficiaries can receive their funds on the expired card.

If your SASSA card expires before December, you must keep it current to receive your grant payment. The South African government has extended the expiration of the SASSA card, so you don’t need to renew your expired card.

The higher authorities will notify you that you cannot withdraw funds from the SASSA gold card. Kindly apply for the renewal. If you have lost your SASSA card, call the SASSA helpline to block it.

How To Apply For SASSA Card First Time

There are two methods to apply for the SASSA card the first time.

1. Visiting Nearest Post Office

You must visit the nearest post office branch to apply for the SASSA card. If you cannot visit the office, you can issue an authority letter to your loved ones.

The SASSA officer will provide you with a form; you must complete and submit it. You will receive a receipt that can be used to collect your card.

2. Via Online Portal

If you can’t visit the SASSA office, you can apply for a SASSA card online via the official portal.

  • Visit the SASSA official portal.
  •  Register or log in to your account in SASSA services.
  •  Provide the required information while registering yourself for the first time.
  •  Register yourself and go to the SASSA service section.
  •  Apply for the SRD or any other social grant you think you are eligible for.
  •  When your application is approved, SASSA will provide you with a gold SASSA card to receive payment. Make sure to select bank as a payment method. You can change your banking details as well, according to your preference.

Final Verdict

To learn about the SASSA card renewal process is essential for beneficiaries to receive timely grant payments. You can easily renew your expired SASSA card by visiting the SASSA nearest office. It’s recommended that you renew your card before the expiration date.

Can I receive a grant payment on my expired SASSA card? If your card expires in December 2023, you can utilize it for the payment in 2024. If you face technical issues while withdrawing payment from an ATM on your expired card, renew it.


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