SASSA Change Payment Method to Shoprite

SASSA Change Payment Method to Shoprite

If you want to try the alternative to the traditional payment methods, I recommend that SASSA change payment method to Shoprite, offering convenience and accessibility for the citizens of South Africa. When you change the payment method to Shoprite, you can easily access your funds by shopping for groceries at Shoprite outlets. 

You can improve the shopping experience with Shoprite and ensure a secure payment process, giving peace of mind to the beneficiaries to access their grant payments. The Shoprite is the convenient option for getting your SASSA grant funds.

You can collect the R350 or any other social grant money at Shoprite by showing your South African ID and cell phone number. You also have to show the SMS of the approved month. 

If you have a SASSA gold card expiring soon or want to say goodbye to the long queues at the ATM, then Shoprite is the best option, providing hassle-free solutions to get their SASSA funds with ease in a unique way.

You can choose the Shoprite payment method for your upcoming grant funds. Let’s dive into the step-by-step guide to switching payment methods to Shoprite.

How To Change SASSA R350 Payment Method To Shoprite

You can change SASSA payment to Shoprite using the following instructions.

  • Visit SASSA change banking details on the SASSA official portal.
  • Click on the change payment method.
  • Enter your South African ID and cell phone number.
  • Click on the “Send OTP” button.
  • The OTP code will be sent to your registered number; verify it and click the change SASSA payment method link.
  • Select “Shoprite” as a payment method for the R350 grant.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and submit the payment method form to change your payment method.

Easy Ways To Register Shoprite Account

There are different ways to open a Shoprite account. Registering on Shoprite allows you to switch SASSA payment to Shoprite.

  • Visit the Shoprite official website or download the Shoprite App.
  • Click on the “Sign Up” or “Register” button to create an account on Shoprite.
  • Fill out the registration form by providing accurate personal details such as name, address, phone number, etc.
  • Create a unique username, and type a strong password to protect your Shoprite account.
  • Verify your Shoprite account via email or phone number by entering the OTP code.
  • Once your registration has been completed, “Sign In” to your account and enter the same details on the SASSA payment options.

You can also register a Shoprite account via

  • Whatsapp 087 240 5709
  • USSD code *120*3534#
  • Visit In-Store Money Market counter

How To Collect R350 Grant Money at Shoprite

When you successfully SASSA change payment method to Shoprite, you can collect your upcoming R350 grant money at Shoprite.

  • Visit the nearest Shoprite store.
  • Request the Shoprite store staff that you want the R350 grant withdrawal service.
  • Provide your South African ID and cell phone number for verification.
  • Show proof of SASSA payment SMS that you have received R350 grant funds for the current or previous month.
  • The Shoprite store staff will verify your information using the SASSA system.
  • When the SASSA verification is completed, you can collect your R350 grant money at Shoprite.

How To Change Payment Method From Post Office To Shoprite

If you want to change the payment option from the post office method to Shoprite, you have to follow the same procedure I mentioned above. It doesn’t matter what your current payment method is; you can change the option to Shoprite.

If you change the post office option, you don’t have to wait in the long queue to receive your grant money. You can get the money from the Shoprite store with ease.

Documents Required To Withdraw Money From Shoprite Store

Bring the following documents with you to collect an R350 grant at the Shoprite retail store in South Africa.

  • Original South African ID card or Asylum document.
  • Mobile phone number you have used during the application process.
  • SASSA payment confirmation SMS indicates approval for the current grant.

Benefits of Shoprite as a SASSA Payment Method

When you select Shoprite as a payment method in SASSA, there are different benefits. 

  • No Fees: You don’t need to pay monthly or yearly fees. Only you have to pay the R5 fee for the cash withdrawal. All the other transactions will be free, and according to research, no South African bank offers a service like this.
  • Full Control: You will control your money through SMS payment notifications and check your phone’s real-time balance.
  • No Queues: You can say goodbye to the long queues and high fees at ATMs. 
  • You don’t need to pay extra fees while sending money to someone, paying electricity bills, or purchasing groceries from your phone.
  • Shoprite Money Market Account: You can take advantage of a money market account, providing a convenient and secure option for customers to manage their finances and receive their grant money.
  • Convenient locations: Many Shoprite stores are located in the different cities of South Africa, providing easy access to groceries and other products.

Final Verdict

That was all about SASSA change payment method to shoprite and it’s now clear to you how you can change payment option from post office, bank to Shoprite. Selecting the SASSA payment option as a Shoprite offers many advantages, including convenience, ease of access, and lower cost.

When you receive your grant money in your Shoprite Money Market Account, you can enjoy the funds more excitedly by purchasing the necessary items to complete your life’s basic needs.

What is your SASSA payment option right now? If you have selected the bank or post office as a SASSA payment option but have now switched to Shoprite, then share your experience with Shoprite, our readers.


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