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SASSA Contact Number For R350 | SASSA Contact Details

If you are looking for information about social grants, checking SASSA status, or other inquiries related to your application, getting access to the SASSA contact number is essential. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is responsible for the administration and social assistance of millions of applicants, and it is beneficial to facilitate them.

The SASSA contact number lets you communicate directly with the SASSA representative. Contacting the SASSA team is the most convenient way to address your queries and resolve your issues. 

Whether you want to check your grant application status, know your payment dates, eligibility criteria, or any other information, we will provide a complete list of SASSA contact details to connect with a representative.

When you call the SASSA call center number about your issue, you will get a quick response from the SASSA agent, who will guide you on resolving your SASSA problems. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s connect with a SASSA representative via the SASSA contact number, email, website, post, social media, and in person.

SASSA Contact Number For R350

If you want information or assistance, SASAS offers different ways to connect with a SASSA agent or representative. Here are the complete SASS contact details to communicate with the SASSA agent about the different issues.

Connect SASSA Agent Via Phone

This is the SASSA toll-free number: 0800 60 10 11. You will be connected to the national SASSA call center when you call this number and ask your queries. Make sure to call the SASSA helpline on working days and hours.

Do you want to contact the SASSA regional office near you? Here is the list of SASSA regional office numbers.

LocationSASSA Office Numbers
Eastern Cape043 707 6335
Free State051 410 8339
Gauteng011 241 8320
KwaZulu Natal033 846 3400
Limpopo015 291 7505
Mpumalanga013 754 9462
Northern Cape053 802 4900
North West018 397 3333
Western Cape021 469 0235

These are the SASSA contact number according to the province in South Africa. If you want to contact the local office instead of the SASSA head office, the above numbers will provide localized assistance within each province.

Connect SASSA Agent Via Email

Grant can use this email for the grant application, card queries, and checking your payment schedule.
SRD Grant you have any specific questions about the SRD grant, contact this email.
Fraud you find any fraudulent activity, you can report it on this email.
Lodging you want to submit a complaint or have any other general questions about the SASSA, contact this email.

Connect SASSA Agent Via Website

  • Visit the SASSA official website.
  • Navigate to the “Contact Us” section.
  • When you hover on the “Contact Us” page, there will be two dropdown options: SASSA head office and regional office contact number.
  • You will fill out the complaint form to complain.
  • Filled out the fraud report form in case of any fraudulent activity.

Connect SASSA Agent Via In-Person

  • Visit the SASSA nearest office in person during working days and hours.
  • Ask the security officer that you want to meet a SASSA representative for general inquiries.
  • When you meet the SASSA agent then, explain your issues to him.
  • Make sure to bring the necessary documents with you.
  • It’s the best option if you like to connect with a SASSA representative face-to-face.

Connect SASSA Agent By Post

If you are living in rural areas where you don’t have access to the internet, then you can send the written correspondence to the SASSA head office by post.

Address: SASSA Head Office, Private Bag X55662, Arcadia 0007, Pretoria, South Africa.

Make sure to send your letter to the above address. This method may take longer, but if you are looking for a quick response, you should reach out to them at the SASSA contact number.

SASSA Contact Details Social Media

You may get replied to late on the SASSA official social media accounts. This is why contacting them by email and toll-free numbers is recommended.

SASSA Contact Details Regional Offices

RegionSASSA RepresentativePhone NumberEmail
GautengMr. Themba Matlou011 241
LimpopoMs. Zodwa Mvulane015 291
Free State(Acting) Mr. Mohodi Tsosane051 410
KwaZulu NatalMs. Thamo Mzobe033 846
MpumalangaMr. Themba Matlou013 754
North WestMs. Zodwa Mvulane018 388
Northern Cape(Acting) Mr. Mohodi Tsosane053 802
Eastern Cape(Acting) Mr. Zanoxolo Mpeta043 707
Western Cape(Acting) Mr. Abraham Mahlangu021 469

Reasons To Contact SASSA

Applicants and beneficiaries want to contact SASSA representatives for assistance for different reasons.

  • Applying for Social Grants: If the applicant wants to apply for social grants such as SRD grants, disability grants, old age grants, or child support grants, they may need to contact the SASSA team to get information about eligibility criteria, documents and application process.
  • Check Application Status or Payment Dates: If you have already applied to the grant application, you may need to contact the SASSA agent to check your application status. Those who have already been approved may ask SASSA for the payment dates. 
  • Reporting Changes or Issues: You may want to change something due to marital status, address, updated banking details, etc. If you encounter any issues related to your payments or incorrect information, you need to contact SASSA.
  • Seeking Assistance or Clarification: If you have any questions related to the SASSA or need any clarification about your doubts, then you need to contact SASSA for assistance.
  • Report Fraudulent Activity: If your SASSA card has been lost, stolen, or damaged, then you need to contact SASSA to block your card and replace it with a new one.

Contacting SASSA allows you to directly communicate with the SASSA representative to get assistance and support from the SASSA officials.

Final Verdict

Now you have access to the SASSA contact number, emails, social media accounts, regional office, and SASSA head office contact details. We have provided a convenient and efficient way to contact the SASSA for inquiries and to resolve your issues.

How did you contact the SASSA? Share your experience with our readers so they can contact you on how you get quick results.


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