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SASSA Jobs | Latest SASSA Jobs Vacancies in 2024

The SASSA is the best platform offering free grants to deserving and needy people for those who are unable to work and jobless. Besides this, South African citizens face unemployment challenges, so SASSA has developed a concept of SASSA jobs for hardworking people across the country.

The main mission of the SASSA is to help the poor and needy individuals through the different SASSA grants. Without an educated and highly skilled person, it’s impossible to help millions of deserving individuals.

This is why SASSA offers different jobs and vacancies to the citizens of South Africa to fulfill their basic needs in life. The SASSA job vacancies will help you get financially strong and help people experiencing poverty.

Millions of people rely on the SASSA programs. The SASSA has promised to deliver the grants to the right and deserving people. SASSA has highly skilled full staff across South Africa in all nine provinces.

The role of the SASSA jobs depends on the post you have applied for. SASSA offers jobs such as administrative work, IT experts, call center agents, community liaison officers, etc. The SASSA offers jobs for matriculation and graduation in cities such as Cape Town, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, etc.

Different Types of SASSA Jobs Vacancies

The SASSA offers different types of posts and positions for operational needs. It depends on what type of SASSA jobs you want to apply for. Everythings depends on your education and skills. Let’s dive into the SASSA administrative and professional jobs in detail.

Administrative SASSA Jobs

If you want to apply for the administrative SASSA vacancies posts, you will be responsible for the grants, office management tasks, data entry records, and clerical duties. You will have to do all the administrative tasks inside the office. 

Here are some common roles of the SASSA administration officers.

  • Human Resources Officer: It is responsible for employee relations, training and development, management, and other laws and regulations.
  • Finance Officer: The finance officers are responsible for the SASSA transactions, financial reports, and auditing process. As a finance officer, you have to guide the SASSA applicants and beneficiaries related to the SASSA funds and payment dates.
  • Office Administrator: The administrative officer is responsible for maintaining the office records, organizing meetings and other office operations, and providing support to the administrative staff of the SASSA.
  • Grant Administrator: The grant administrator staff is responsible for managing the social grants application approval and eligibility criteria and verifying applicant information from the DSD department.
  • Information Technology (IT) Specialist: The IT experts manage databases, software applications, and network systems and fix technical and security-related issues.
  • Customer Service Representative: The SASSA representative is responsible for managing all the upcoming calls of the applicants and benefits received through SASSA’s official toll-free number. As an SASSA customer agent, you have to handle inquiries and complaints of the SASSA beneficiaries. SASSA hires some experts to reply only on WhatsApp.

Each role plays a vital role in helping the SASSA individuals across the country.

Professional SASSA jobs

The SASSA professional posts staff are responsible for administering SASSA grants and developing new policies according to the new challenges.

  • Economist: The economist officer is responsible for economic trends, conducts proper research, and makes decisions with the policy. 
  • Social Worker: Support the SASSA individuals and families regarding social grants to access their needs according to the requirements. Address the social issues and solve them for the benefit.
  • Policy Analyst: It analyzes the existing policy and makes new policies for the SASSA to improve their service.
  • Policy Maker: Makes the new policies and informs the SASSA administration staff to implement them into the programs.
  • Program Manager: The program manager plans to implement new things and evaluates security programs to strengthen SASSA’s security.

The professional work employee will be responsible for designing and implementation new programs and security policies, alleviating poverty, and improving the SASSA service across South Africa.

SASSA Jobs And Vacancies 2024

There are different SASSA jobs and vacancies to administrate the social grants. Here are the latest SASSA jobs and vacancies in 2024.

Job TitleDepartmentExpiry Date
Practitioner Management Accounting Regional Office (3)Regional OfficeOctober 7, 2024
Practitioner Supply Chain Management Regional OfficeRegional OfficeOctober 7, 2024
GAUTENG EXTERNAL ADVERT – Grant Administrator- Bronkhortspruit Local OfficeGauteng RegionOctober 7, 2024
GAUTENG EXTERNAL ADVERT – Assistant Manager- Operations ManagementGauteng RegionOctober 7, 2024
GAUTENG EXTERNAL ADVERT – Document Management Administrator – RMCGauteng RegionOctober 7, 2024
Mpumalanga advert Grants AdministratorMpumalanga RegionOctober 7, 2024
KZN EXTERNAL ADVERTKZN RegionOctober 7, 2024

We will update the above SASSA vacancies list over time as SASSA announces new jobs. You can apply for the one you think is suitable for.

To apply for the SASSA post, you must complete the Z83 form. The South African government uses this form for the employees to fill out the basic required information.

Before applying for the SASSA jobs, ensure you have the Z83 form and complete the required information.

Z-83 Form
Z-83 Form

Apply for SASSA Jobs Vacancies: Step-by-Step Guide Using Z83 Form

To apply for SASSA vacancies, jobs you have to fill out the Z-83 form. The Z-83 form contains seven fields and you need fill out each fields carefully to avoid mistakes. Here is the step by step procedure to filled out the Z-83 form for SASSA jobs.

Section A: Advertised Post

To filled out the section A in Z-83 form all the below fields are compulasry.

  • Mention the posts position you want to applied for.
  • Mention the department where the position are adevrstised.
  • Write the reference number of the advertised post.
  • When you have a plan to start the job.

Section B: Personal Information

In section B, you have to enter the personal information as required in the form.

  • Write the personal details in the application form, such as name, surname, date of birth, gender, address, etc.
  • Provide proof of a passport number if you are not a citizen of South Africa.
  • Verify your nationality.
  • If any criminal case is against you, then provide complete details.
  • Select any employment option that you are a government employee or working in a private company.
  • Provide the complete details of the pending disciplinary cases against you.
  • Mention your previous experience.

Section C: Contact Details

Mention the contact details so you will be contacted for the inquiry. You can select different options as contact details such as email, post, telephone, and fax. Select the best options you think it’s suitable to communicate with you.

Section D: South African Official Language

The section D contains two fields. The speak, read, and write options. You can write “Good,” “Fair,” or “Poor” in the respective fields.

Section E: Qualifications Details

In this section, you must mention your qualifications per the pattern below.

  • Name of school
  • Mention degree
  • Mention the year you graduated

Section F: Work Experience

In this section, you have to mention your work experience. 

  • Previous employment details from the start to the end date.
  • If you are currently working in any department, then also mention it.
  • In case you have left any job that mentions the reason for it.

Section G: Reference

Write the reference number with the telephone number. Also, mark the signature and mention the current date.

Final Verdict

SASSA offers various jobs, allowing the unemployed citizens of South Africa to win a perfect job according to their skills. You can get SASSA job opportunities in different fields such as IT, administration, call agent, human resource finance, etc.

By applying for the SASSA jobs vacancies, you can get a chance to utilize your skills in SASSA by completing their mission to help the needy, poor individuals and their families.


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