SASSA Payment Methods

SASSA Payment Methods

Different SASSA payment methods are designed to facilitate the distribution of social grant payments to the eligible beneficiaries of the SASSA. The various payment methods improve accessibility and efficiency. 

The different methods provide a diverse range of options for choosing the best payment according to preferences and needs. Other payment methods provide more security and convenience than the traditional banking system.

You can choose your favorite payment methods to receive your grant payments. You can change your banking details if you switch accounts to another bank. In this article, we will tell you about the different SASSA payment methods so you can utilize the easiest one.

SASSA Payment Methods

Whether you are receiving an SRD grant or any other social relief grant, SASSA has a wide range of payment options for the beneficiaries to receive their payments grant. If you are a SASSA gold card holder, you can receive your payment at the ATM.

Those who don’t have a bank account can receive the grant payments at specific retailers such as Pick n Pay, Boxer, etc. Let’s discuss all of the SASSA R350 payment methods one by one.

1. Post Office Branches (SAPO/Post Bank)

You can collect your SASSA grant payments in cash from any Post Office branch near you. If you don’t know which Post Office branch is near you, you can use the Google Map feature to find the nearest one.

Type “Post Office branches near me” in Google to locate the nearest one easily. Make sure to turn on your location for easy detection. Before going to the post office branch, bring your identification, South African ID, and phone number.

If you want to receive the SASSA money in cash form, it’s the best option. Call the SASSA helpline 0800601011 or text the SASSA WhatsApp number and request the SASSA representative Post Office branch near you.

2. Bank Mobile Money Transfer

You can receive your SASSA grant payment digitally in your bank account. Every bank account provides a mobile application for their customers. They can manage to transfer and receive money in their accounts.

This is the safe and convenient method to receive your grant payment. It will reduce the cash of carrying needs. If you carry money in cash, any type of accident can occur, such as theft, loss of money, etc.

3. Boxer Stores

You can ask the nearest local Boxer Stores about the SASSA payment services and collection process. If you think Boxer Stores is near you, select this option to receive your social grant payments. Boxer Stores’ branches are located in the different regions of South Africa.

4. Cash Send

You can select Cash Send in SASSA payment methods, which allow you to receive your grant money at your desired location. Besides this, you can use the money transfer service to transfer and receive your money.

I believe Cash Send is the best payment option to help you with how and where you will receive your grant payments. It makes the payment collection process more easy and accessible.

5. Pick-N-Pay

Before selecting the Pick-N-Pay option, you must check if a nearby store offers the SASSA payment services. It’s one of the largest chains in the South Available throughout the country.

The Pick-N-Pay stores have a loyalty program where you have to win points to purchase goods and services.

6. SASSA Bank Account

If you don’t have a bank account in South Africa, then it’s recommended to open a bank account in the nearest bank branch. You can select the bank account option, where you will receive the grant payment directly into your bank account.

There are different banks in South Africa, such as Standard Bank, Bidvest Bank, Capitec Bank, and Investec Bank. Open the account on any bank that is easiest for you so you will receive payment directly on your bank account.

SASSA Change Payment Method Link

  • To change the SASSA payment methods, visit this link:
  • Find the “How do I change my banking Details” button. Click on it.
  • You have to enter your South African ID and phone number to get access to your account.
  • After that, you will be redirected to the payment method, where you can change your banking details or select any other method to receive your grant payment.

Why Change The SASSA Payment Methods

There are several reasons you need to change your grant payment methods.

  • You may need to update your SASSA payment account if you have switched bank accounts. 
  • If you initially selected the particular method but now want to change the payment method to another service.
  • If you have lost your SASSA golden card, you might want to change the payment to select a more secure option.
  • In security situations, you are using a selected method and now want to switch to another option for security purposes.

Advantages of Using the Retail Money Account

  • There are no monthly fees, but R5 charges will apply to every withdrawal. If you want to withdraw more, only R5 charges will apply.
  • You can enjoy purchasing groceries with zero fees via your mobile device.
  • When SASSA first deposits R800 in your retail account, you can win a chance of Supermarket vouchers up to R100 to purchase products on it.

Final Verdict

You will receive SASSA grant payments using your selected payment method. There are various SASSA payment methods so you can select the one according to your preference and needs. 

When will I receive my payment? You can check SASSA payment dates and confirm when you will receive your grant payment. Also, you will be updated on your cell phone number regarding your payment date.

You can choose any one method to receive the grant money. Most people prefer the bank account method, but you can use the retail method if you want some discount vouchers upon purchase.


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