SASSA Referred Status

SASSA Referred Status

When you apply for an SRD grant, Children’s grant, Disability grant, or old-aged grant, then, sometimes, upon checking your status, you may see the message “SASSA referred status.” You might be confused about what happened to my application. It shows a referred message instead of the pending, declined, and approved.

When SASSA marks your application as a referred status, it means that before taking a final decision on the application, there will be a scrutiny process to check the eligibility criteria.

The SASSA applicant needs to understand the facts of the referred status. In a preferred stage, SASSA will verify the identity, documentation, and other checks to confirm the applicant’s eligibility.  

The main aim of the SASSA is to provide social relief to needy people. Suppose you have a good financial situation but have applied for SASSA grants showing the referred status. In that case, your application will be declined to say goodbye to the fraudulent activity.

In this article, we will explain why the SRD referred status is shown to you and what steps you need to take to eliminate this problem.

SASSA Referred Status

The SASSA referred status means that your application has been on hold and forwarded further to authenticate the application. When your application status shows referred, it will take 1-3 months to show the final result.

If you think you really deserve to get your grant approved, then you don’t need to worry about the referred status word. The SASSA system will verify whether you are the right person for this grant or not. 

The SASSA team will check your source of income, assets, and other factors to check your eligibility criteria. To get rid of the SASSA referred status, you must pass the SASSA means test.

Some people are afraid that our application might be rejected. However, you still have a chance to get your application approved if you have the SASSA screening test and eligibility criteria.

Reasons Behind SASSA Referred Status

SASSA holds your application due to several reasons. You don’t need to be worried if you did nothing and provide all the accurate information. Sometimes, your application might be pending due to a huge number of applications and duplication problems.

If you don’t know your application status, Check your SASSA status, and if it shows “referred,” it might be due to the reasons below.

1. Documents Issues

  • Missing Documents: If you have submitted the documents but forgot to upload all of them at the initial application, your SASSA status may be “referred.” If you already know that you have missed some documents, you can update your SASSA application; otherwise, you must wait. Sometimes, SASSA will let you know what the problem is with your application.
  • ID Document Matches Other Databases: If you have already received the grant from any other organization, such as NSFAS, SARS, or UIF, then you will show a message of SASSA referred status, and after some time, your application will be disapproved.

2. Missing Contact Information

While applying, if you missed the phone number or email or typed the wrong information on the input field, your status might be shown as “referred.” It is recommended to provide all information as required in the form. 

Double-check the information and ensure everything is correct. If you made a mistake with your phone number, I recommend updating it.

3. Multiple Application Submitted

If you mistakenly submitted multiple applications, your SASSA status might be shown as “referred.” Your application status might be rejected due to duplicate applications.

Before applying, make sure you have a stable internet connection. One of my friends applied twice due to an internet problem, and he didn’t know that my first application had been submitted. This is why he applied for the application twice.

4. Suspected Fraud Activity

If you have lost an SASSA card, report it to the helpline. In such cases, your SASSA status might be shown as “referred” to minimize the risk of fraudulent activities. 

The SASSA team will verify the fraudulent activities to clear suspicions. This can happen with the SASSA beneficiaries, so if you already have SASSA beneficiaries, then your status might change.

5. Confirmation Delay

Suppose SASSA finds that you have high-income sources and good assets. In that case, they may need more time to do further investigations and respond to your application based on the eligibility criteria of the SASSA.

Best Solutions of SASSA Referred Status

If you are stuck at the SASSA referred status, don’t panic. Here are some steps you should follow.

  • Correct Mistakes: If you think you made any mistakes with the initial application, try to correct the mistake and update your existing application.
  • Stay Calm: You don’t need to worry because the “referred status” doesn’t mean your application was rejected. It’s an investigation process of your application, checking your eligibility criteria.
  • Contact SASSA: If your application takes longer but SASSA doesn’t notify you about the problem, then you need to contact the SASSA helpline. You can call SASSA at the toll-free number  0800601011 or contact them on the WhatsApp number.
  • Provide Necessary Details: When you contact the SASSA, they may request the following details such as ID number and phone number, so provide them all details as requested to check your SASA status referred problem.

What Is SASSA Referred Email Address

The SASSA referred email address is If you are encountering the “Referred” issues from the past few months, you should email or call SASSA on the toll-free number and ask about the issues.

One of the SASSA representatives will let you know why your application status is shown as “referred” and what steps you need to take to eliminate the problem.

Final Verdict

Encountering a SASSA referred status is not a big issue. It’s the most important phase when you apply for the social grant, so SASSA will do the verification and validation to check your eligibility score based on the SASSA eligibility criteria.

The SASSA social relief system indicates accurate information and fraudulent activities and checks your data on other databases such as NSFAS, SARS, and UIF. The “Referred” status is a checkpoint on your application doing the scrutiny process before the outcome of the application.

How long does referred status take? It depends on the application of the information and documentation you provided, but you have to wait 1-3 months for the scrutiny process of SASSA.


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