SASSA WhatsApp Number

SASSA WhatsApp Number

It’s important to know about the SASSA WhatsApp number, which is a convenient way to get assistance from the SASSA representative about your social grants. The SASSA(South African Social Security Agency) has introduced a WhatsApp number for the applicants and beneficiaries to ask questions about the grants.

The SASSA WhatsApp number is the best way to ask the SASSA team about your SASSA status, payment dates, and much more. WhatsApp is the best option to enhance the user experience and easily access crucial information.

You can apply for SRD R350 grants via WhatsApp and get assistance related to your SASSA issues. The SASSA WhatsApp number is a convenient way to contact the SASSA team, eliminating the need for long call discussions and personal visits to the office.

In my opinion, WhatsApp communication is a good option so you can ask any query related to the SASSA. The SASSA WhatsApp line is open, and you can benefit from it by asking questions about your grants.

Sometimes, the SASSA cell phone number may be busy or unavailable, so the WhatsApp line is the best option to contact the SASSA representative.

SASSA WhatsApp Number

The official SASSA WhatsApp number is 0820468553, so save this number in your phone with the SASSA or any other name. You can contact this number to get information about your SASSA status and payment dates and apply for SRD R350 grants.

Here is how you can contact the SASSA team on WhatsApp.

  • Open your WhatsApp and start chatting with the above number.
  • Type a message “Hi” and send it to the SASSA WhatsApp number.
  • They will send some messages, so reply to them according to what information you need.
  • Do you want to contact SASSA for an unemployment grant? Start a chat with “Help.”
  • To know about your SASSA status, a SASSA representative may ask for the South African ID, Identity verification, and much more.
  • Answer every question from the SASSA team to verify that the SASSA account belongs to you.

Don’t share your personal information and South African ID with a stranger. Sometimes, you may visit the fake website of the SASSA that may ask for personal information, so be aware of that type of scam.

How To Check SASSA Status Via WhatsApp

If you want to check the SRD R350 grant status via SASSA’s official WhatsApp number, follow the instructions below.

  • Open the SASSA WhatsApp chat.
  • Type “SASSA” and send it to the SASSA WhatsApp number.
  • You will respond from the SASSA, and then you must reply with the “SRD R350 Status”.
  • The SASSA team will send you complete SRD R350 grant status details.

You will get your SASSA status from the SASSA team. If you find that your application has been rejected, then I recommend applying for reconsideration.

How To Apply For SRD R350 Grants Via WhatsApp

You can apply for SASSA R350 grants via the official SASSA WhatsApp number. If you didn’t like how you filled out the complex form on the SASSA portal, it’s the best alternative for you. You can use the benefit of WhatsApp to apply for the SRD grants and get your application approved.

  • Open the dialer and type “0820468553” number on your phone.
  • Click on the Save number and save the above number with the SASSA Official WhatsApp number.
  • Open a WhatsApp and start chatting with the SASSA team.
  • You must send the ” SASSA ” message to initiate the application process.
  • When you receive any prompts, reply with “SRD R350 Application”.
  • Provide your details to apply for SRD R350 grants.

If you want to complete a complex form, then here is how to submit the SASSA online application.

Alternate Method To Contact SASSA

Here are the alternate methods to contact the SASSA to solve your query related to the SASSA issues.

NameTypeContact Details
SASSA Support CenterToll-free Number0800 60 10 11
Grant Enquires OfficeEmail &
Kenneth Baloyi (Sassa’s Contact Center Manager)Number & Email079 308 1033 &
Independent Appeals TribunalNumber & Email012 312 7727 &
Social Media ChannelTwitter
Social Media ChannelFacebook
OfficesLocationsSASSA Nearest Offices

Frequently Ask Questions

Does SASSA have a WhatsApp number?

Yes, of course, SASSA has a WhatsApp number. The SASSA WhatsApp number is 082 046 8553. Sometimes people say that I have the SASSA WhatsApp number, but I don’t know how to contact the SASSA on WhatsApp. First, save this number on your phone and refresh a contact list on your WhatsApp.

How do I contact SASSA?

You can contact SASSA using different methods. Now the choice is yours, which you prefer.

  • You can contact the SASSA team at the WhatsApp number 082 046 8553.
  • You can contact the SASSA team at the Toll-free number 080 060 1011.
  • SASSA has official social pages so you can contact them on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • You can visit the SASSA nearest office and directly connect with a SASSA representative.

What is the WhatsApp number for SASSA R350 appeal?

First of all, check your SASSA status on the online portal. If you find that your application has been declined, you can appeal the R350 application. You can appeal via the portal and WhatsApp number. 

Final Verdict

The Official SASSA WhatsApp number is 0820468553, which helps you get the latest information about your grant payment dates, apply for SRD R350 grants, and get the latest information on the SASSA news.

The South African government has announced the WhatsApp number so applicants and beneficiaries can conveniently contact the SASSA team. You will get the latest updates on your smartphones according to your social grants.

Nowadays, everyone uses WhatsApp to communicate with their friends, family members, and clients, so I think it would be more convenient to contact the SASSA team about the SASSA issues to help you see your query.

If hesitating during a call, directly contact the SASSA team on their WhatsApp number about SASSA-related issues. If you want to apply for SRD grants or want to know about your SASSA status and payment dates, then communicating with the SASSA team on WhatsApp is the best option.


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