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Welcome to the SASSA status check, where you check the SASSA SRD status check, SASSA payment status, and SASSA status check for pending and declined forms.

SASSA status check is a tool where applicants and beneficiaries can check their SASSA SRD grant and payment status online.

You must wait for your status when you apply for the SRD R350 grant. Some people can’t wait more like me. This is why we are here to talk about the R350 status check tool, which will give you the latest status update on your application.

One of my friends applied for the SASSA Social Relief of Distress (SRD) R350 but was declined, so he appealed the SASSA decision, and then his application was successfully approved.

The SASSA checking status is the best option to help you gain certainty about your payment for the current month. If you want to keep yourself updated about the grants update, check your SASSA status online.

7 Best Ways For SASSA SRD Status Check For R350 Grant Payment

For every individual, it’s essential to seek updates on their SASSA status check for r350 grant applications. There are several ways you can check SASSA and payment status online. One of my favorite ways is to check the SASSA status through the SRD website.

1. Instantly Verify Your R350 Grant Payment on the Official SRD Website

SRD status check online can be done through the official website.

  • Visit SRD Website: First, you must visit the official SASSA website to check the SASSA stats. Some people visit it but may need clarification about finding the direct status link, so click here to check your SASSA status.
  • Enter Details: Once redirected to the SASSA official website, you will have two options to fill in the required information.
  1. Enter the South African ID Number of the Applicant: There will be an “ID Number” option where you need to enter a valid South African ID.
  2. Enter Phone Number: You must enter the “Phone Number” you already used to submit your application.
SASSA Text Fields
  • Check Status: To check your SASSA SRD status, click the “Submit” button. When you click on the submit button, the SRD official website will automatically show the status of the month from which your grant has been approved.

It’s one of the best options to check SASSA’s status without going anywhere. My friends check the status using this method because it’s a trusted, reliable, and official website where you will get the correct information about your status.

2. Verify R350 Grant Payment Via Moya App

  • Download the Moya App: You need to download the Moya app from the Play Store or any other app store available on your mobile. If you didn’t find it on the Play Store, you can search for it on Google and download the APK file from a trusted and reliable website.
  • Install and Open: If you have installed it from a third-party source, you must enable the unknown source option. When you have successfully installed it, tap the Moya App icon to open the application.
  • Select SASSA Grant: Navigate to the discovery tab option and select SASSA Grant. After that, click on the SASSA status check and enter the required information.
  • Enter ID and Phone Number: Enter the correct South Africa ID and phone number you used when submitting applications.
  • Status Displayed: All information about SASSA’s position will be displayed on the screen after entering the correct details and clicking the Submit button.

It’s more convenient and accessible on your Android device. I loved its offline mode, so you can check your SRD SASSA details without internet connections if you don’t have internet connections.

3. Check R350 SRD Status Check Via WhatsApp

Are you using WhatsApp more instead of browsing? The SRD 350 status check can be done via WhatsApp. Here is the step-by-step guide you need to follow.

  • Save SASSA WhatsApp Number: First, save the SASSA official WhatsApp number 082 046 8553 on your phone. 
  • Open WhatsApp: Open the WhatsApp on your device and search for SASSA’s official number. Send a new message by typing “SASSA” to its official WhatsApp number.
  • Reply With Message Status: When you receive any response from the SASSA official on your WhatsApp, reply with “Status.”
  • Provide Correct Phone Number: The SASSA official WhatsApp team will ask for the mobile number you have already provided while submitting the grant application.
  • Reply With Reference Number: You can reply with the reference number in the chat. When the official asks you for the reference number, if you have one, you can answer it with “Yes.”
  • Your Current SASSA Status: The SASSA official team will respond to you with the current SASSA status.

You can update yourself about the SRD status, and SASSA R350 grants payment dates via WhatsApp. It’s a more convenient and accessible way to check your SASSA status.

The SASSA WhatsApp is the best option for those facing technical issues related to SASSA-specific issues. You can directly communicate with the SASSA higher authorities. 

Are you facing any issues with WhatsApp or any other method? You can contact SASSA officials via email at to solve your query.

4. SASSA SRD Status Check Via SMS

I believe this one is the quickest and most accessible SASSA status-checking method. You can check the SASSA status check for R350 payment dates and its status updates through SMS.

  • Compose Message: Open the Messaging app on your phone and type a new message. 
  • Type ID Number: Type the correct South Africa ID Number in the message.
  • Send It To: Send the message to this number 082 046 8553.
  • Get Response: You will receive an update with the current SASSA R350 grant status.

5. SASSA Status Check For R350 with a Phone Call

Do you prefer to have a more personal touch? Don’t worry. You can verify your SASSA status with human interaction and hassle-free methods by calling SASSA’s official center at 0800 601 011.

With a simple phone call, you can connect yourself with a real person who will assist you in verifying your current SASSA status. 

This is the best checking SASSA status approach for those not connected to the internet and who want to verify their R350 status through verbal communication over an online method.

6. Check 350 Status Online Via Email

You can email SASSA and inform them that you want to check my SASSA status.

  • Open your Gmail from mobile or Laptop.
  • Write an email to as a recipient.
  • Write ” I want to check my SASSA Status” in the subject.
  • Write your South African ID and cell phone number in the description.
  • Click on the Send button to email SASSA.
  • You will get a response from SASSA within 24 hours containing your SASSA status.

7. Check SASSA Status Via SASSA Official Twitter

SASSA has an official Twitter or X account that shares updated news about SASSA. You can follow it to keep yourself updated on the SASSA latest news.

You can send your South African ID and mobile number to SASSA on Twitter to check your Status. I do not favor this method because you will get a reply that is 100% late.

Some experts say that you can also post your South African ID on the SASSA Twitter profile so they will reply to you about your SASSA status. This method is just for your information, but try to use something other than this method to check your application status.

SASSA Status Check For R350 Payment Dates For 2024 & 2025

SASSA Payment Dates for 2024
SASSA Payment Dates for 2024/2025

The SASSA SRD grant payment date is 25 to 29 March 2024. Normally, you will get an SRD payment on the last date of the month.

  • Older Person’s Grant Date: The Older Person Grant Payment will be paid from Wednesday, 03 April 2024.
  • Disability Grant Date: The Disability Grant Payment will be paid from Thursday, 04 April 2024.
  • Children’s Grant Date: The Disability Grant Payment will be paid from Friday, 5 April 2024.

Don’t be crazy to make a massive rush on the first day of the grant payment. Once you receive money in your account, it will remain here for two months. I advise you to collect your grant payment after a few days when you think the massive rush is now under control.

When your SRD grant payment has been processed, you will receive your grant funds within the next 2-3 business days in your bank account.

Being a SASSA applicant, it’s essential for you to check the SASSA R350 grant payment dates status for every month, which will allow you to collect the grant money according to the scheduled payday.

You can refer to the SASSA payment dates from 2024 to 2025 by viewing the below table. This table will give you complete information about the monthly scheduled grant paydays.

It will allow you to check the plan for the funds collections. The South African Social Security Agency has no specific date for receiving the scheduled grant payment. It will be shared every month at the end of the previous month.

Are you the applicant of the SASSA R350 grant and want to confirm when you will get payment? No, look further. Here are the payment dates for the 2024 & 2025 release by SASSA officially.

The payment dates change over time, so check it regularly and confirm when you will receive it.

Grant MonthOlder Persons GrantDisability GrantDisability Grant
April 20242024/04/032024/04/042024/04/05
May 20242024/05/032024/05/062024/05/07
June 20242024/06/042024/06/052024/06/06
July 20242024/07/022024/07/032024/07/04
August 20242024/08/022024/08/052024/08/06
September 20242024/09/032024/09/042024/09/05
October 20242024/10/022024/10/032024/10/04
November 20242024/11/052024/11/062024/11/07
December 20242024/12/032024/12/042024/12/05
January 20252025/01/032025/01/062025/01/07
February 20252025/02/042025/02/052025/02/06
March 20252025/03/042025/03/052025/03/06

SASSA Status Check Infographics Step By Step Guide

Here, with the help of an Infographic, you can easily understand the process of the SASSA status check to access your application status quickly.

SASSA Status Check Infographics Guide
SASSA Status Check Infographics Guide

SASSA Grant Results: Understanding the Meanings for Applicants

SASSA Grant StatusResult Meanings
SASSA Status PendingThe SASSA pending status means your application is under review or verification process. The decision from the SASSA official has yet to be taken, so you should wait further.
SASSA Status ApprovedThe SASSA application status approved means that your application has been approved successfully to receive the grant.
SASSA Status DeclinedThe decline in SASSA status means that your application has been declined for several reasons.
Identity Verification FailedThe identity verification status means the information you provided does not match the DHA production database.
Incomplete ApplicationIt means that the required information for your application is missing, so you may need to provide additional information to fulfil all the requirements.
Reapplication PendingOnce your application is rejected, you have a chance to reapply again. This status initiated that you did not apply for the reapplication.
Status CancelledThe SASSA cancels the application. It may be due to several reasons. You can appeal for the reinstatement as well.
Bank Details PendingThe pending bank details mean that you may not have linked the bank account with SASSA, so updating SASSA’s bank details is recommended.
Period PendingYou have revised your application, and the SASSA official team will verify it again, but the verification is pending.
Period DeclinedThe application is declined only for this month, and you will receive the payment for the next month.
Period ApprovedThe application status is approved for the period, and you will receive the payment.
Not Qualified/ RejectedIt means that your application does not meet the specified criteria or is rejected due to several reasons according to the eligibility requirements.

Step-by-Step Guide to Apply for Special COVID-19 SASSA (Social Relief of Distress Grant)

It’s good that Covid-19 has passed away like a human. According to the source, in some regions in South Africa, covid-19 still exist. Using different methods, you can apply for a special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress grant.

1. SASSA Online Apply Via SRD Website

It’s the easiest method to apply for the SASSA online application via the official website. Here’s how you can apply.

  • Open Web Browser and Access Google: Open the web browser and navigate through the browser.
  • Search for SRD Website: Type “” on the browser URL so you will be redirected to the SASSA official website
  • Enter ID Number and Phone Number: You need to enter the ID and Phone number in the input fields.
  • Send SMS for OTP: Make sure to provide the active phone number you use. There will be a “Send SMS” button. Click on it.
  • Receive and Enter OTP: Check your phone. You will receive a 6-digit OTP code that you need to enter on the website for verification purposes.
  • Verify PIN: Click the verify PIN button to complete the verification process.

2. Apply For SASSA Application Via WhatsApp

  • Open WhatsApp Application: First, you need to open the WhatsApp application on your Android or IOS device.
  • Send Message to SASSA WhatsApp Number: Now send any message to the SASSA WhatsApp number 082 046 8553. Make sure to save this number on your phone so it will be available on your WhatsApp when you refresh the WhatsApp contact.
  • Follow Prompts: You will receive some prompts, so try to understand them and follow them accordingly.
  • Provide Personal Information: You must provide all the personal information such as identity, income, social security benefits, and residency where you live.
  • Receive Reference Number, URL, and OTP: When you provide all the necessary information, you will receive a reference number, URL and OTP.
  • Click on the URL and Enter OTP: The URL will be clickable, so click on it, and you will be redirected to the page where you need to enter the OTP code for verification.
  • Provide ID Number and Surname: You need to provide ID number and Surname.

This is the best method for applying to the SASSA application through WhatsApp, which is convenient and accessible.

3. Apply For SASSA Application Via ChatBot

Most people love to apply for the SASSA application using a chatbot. You can apply for SASSA to use a chatbot assistant.

  • First of all, open your browser.
  • Type “” in the search bar.
  • There will be an option for the SASSA R350 grant assistance chatbox, so click on it.
  • Enter the ID and mobile number.
  • Now, find the option “I want to apply for SRD R350.” Click on it so the chatbot will send you a website link that you need to follow its instructions.

A Quick Guide on Collecting the SASSA Grant Payment

Are you approved for a grant application? If you are confused about collecting a grant, then don’t worry. Here are the best options you can collect your grant payment. 

You can collect the cash grant using different methods. It depends on what method you choose to collect the R350 grant.

  • Post Office branches (SAPO/Post Bank): You must visit any South Africa post office or bank branch to collect your SASSA grant payment. They will ask for the information, so make sure you have the required data.
  • Bank Mobile Money Transfer: Some banks in South Africa offer a mobile money transfer service so that you can receive the SASSA grant through it. 
  • Boxer Stores: You can access the 350 grant from the Boxers, Checkers, Pick n Pay, and Usave merchants.
  • Cash Send: If you don’t have a bank account in your name, this one is the best option for receiving a 350 grant. 

If you are still confused, you can visit the SASSA office for any query.

What Are The SASSA Grant Types

The South African Social Security Agency offers social grants to impoverished people. There are various aspects of grants, such as food, clothing, and homes for the needy.

There are several types of SASSA grants, which are given below.

  • Care Dependency Grant: The care dependency grant is the financial program from SASSA for those people who require permanent care due to physical or mental disabilities. This grant will alleviate the financial burden on those requiring long-term care.
  • Older person’s Grant: The SASSA Old Age grant provides financial assistance to older people of the age of 60 or more. When you get older, I know you will not be able to do work. I recommend you take advantage of the SASAS old age grant.
  • Child Support Grant: The child support grant provides financial assistance to caregivers who take responsibility for children under 18. If you are the children’s father and are working but your income is low, then you can take advantage of this grant.
  • Grant-in-Aid: If you can’t take care of yourself and need full-time care at home, the SASSA grant-in-aid program will provide financial assistance in specific activities at home.
  • Disability Grant: The SASSA disability grant will provide financial assistance to people with physical or mental disabilities who cannot work. This grant is specially designed for disabled individuals with disabilities.
  • Foster Child Grant: It is also called a foster care grant and financially supports the foster child. The foster child can be assigned to the foster parents in different situations.
  • War Veterans: War Veterans grants are for those individuals who served in the Army during the Second World War (1939 – 1945) or Korean War (1950-1953) and sacrificed for their country’s defense.

Each Grant serves a unique purpose in helping poor people in different situations.

You can click on the above links to review each grant in detail and apply for the right and eligible one according to your needs. I have explained every grant eligibility criteria, document requirements, grant payment date, grant amount and complete guide on the application process.

SASSA R350 Grant Eligibility Criteria

If you want the 350 grant SASSA approval, fulfill the requirements below according to the SASSA means test.

  • South African Citizenship: The eligibility for the R350 grant is limited to South African citizens, so only SA local people can benefit from it.
  • Age Requirement: The age should be 18-60 years.
  • No Other Income Sources: This grant is only for those who don’t have income sources.
  • Social Grants: Ensure that the applicants are not receiving any social grants.
  • UIF payment: Ensure that the applicant has not applied for the UIF payment.
  • Not Insurance Benefit: It would be better if you had no unemployment insurance benefits.
  • Verification of Information: SASSA will verify the information and documents, so ensure accurate details are provided.

SASSA Status Declined: Common Reasons for Application Rejection

Sometimes, the SASSA status declines for a specific month or may decrease due to the SASSA review process. If you are an existing or new applicant, you may face a decline issue in the future. Your status will decline if you don’t meet the requirements or eligibility criteria.

When your status declines, it might be due to different reasons. Here are some reasons to review it to fix the SASSA decline status application.

  • Your ID may be registered on NSFAS, UIF, or SARS benefits.
  • You may have changed your unemployment status.
  • Your assets and income sources may exceed the minimum threshold of R624.
  • You may have identified the alternate source of income in the SASSA application.
  • Your age needs to meet the specific criteria according to SASSA rules.

It’s necessary to understand the specific factors to address the decline issues and improve your chances of getting your SASSA application approved.

SASSA R350 Grant Status Pending

If you have applied for the SRD R350 application, it is showing pending upon checking. It might be due to providing inaccurate information. Have you provided inaccurate information? Correct and apply for the SASSA reapplication.

One of my friends has submitted accurate information with all the documents, but his application is still pending. Do you want to know why it’s pending? He didn’t select the payment method. Later, they analyzed it and updated the banking to help him eliminate the pending status problem.

SASSA Change Bank Details For SRD R350

If you have closed the old bank account and plan to open your new one in another branch, change SASSA banking details to receive the grant money on time. SASSA allows you to update your banking details or change your payment method. 

To update banking details:

  1. Find the button “change SASSA banking details” on the official portal.
  2. Enter the South African ID and cell phone number to verify that the account belongs to you. You will receive a secure link on your cell phone number via SMS.
  3. Click on it and follow the instructions to update your banking details.

SASSA Reconsideration Status: Quick Guide to Check Your Application Review

If your SASSA application has been declined, you can submit a SASSA Reapplication and request your application reconsideration to the SASSA official.

According to the experts, when you plan to apply for reconsideration, try to follow the instructions according to the SASSA guidelines.

If you have reapplied and it meets all the requirements of the SASSA, there is a maximum chance of getting your application approved by the SASSA official team.

You can check the status of your reapplication easily. Some people don’t know their reconsideration status because they don’t check it periodically. Check your reconsideration status on a daily base to keep yourself updated.

If you receive any specific queries from the SASSA team, respond accordingly.

Check Your R350 Application Appeal Status

If you have submitted an appeal for the R350 grant application, but it has been rejected, then you can submit the SASSA appeal application.

It can be easily done through the DSD (Department of Social Development) on the website of Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA). If you want to verify the status of your R350 grant application’s status for approval, follow the instructions below.

  • First, if you want to check your SRD R350 appeal status, you must visit SASSA’s official website.
  • Login to your credentials and apply for SASSA R350 applications.
  • There will be an option to select the “R350 Appeal Status” click on it.
  • Enter your South Africa ID number number and reference number in the application.
  • When you click the submit button, you can view the status of your R350 appeal.

When your status is displayed, you will receive a notification from SASSA. Sometimes, if any changes are needed in your contact information, you can update the SASSA grant application according to your choice.

If you are not happy with SASSA’s decision, you can appeal it again within 30-90 days, which may help get your SASSA status approved. It’s essential to act on a time for the appeal status.

Why My SASSA Payment Not Received Yet

If you haven’t received your SASSA R350 grant payment, it might be due to several reasons. The delay might be due to the holidays, verification checks, processing time, etc.

If you think it has taken more time, there is no chance of receiving my payment. I recommend you check your contact and banking information properly.

If it’s correct, then wait patiently. You will receive your SASSA payment. Otherwise, if it needs to be corrected, update all the information.

One of my friends changed SASSA’s phone number and updated the banking details, and then he received their payment.

If you are an existing beneficiary of the SASSA grant but haven’t received your payment, then you can directly contact SASSA’s official team on their contact number 0800 60 10 11.

When Does the SASSA R350 Grant Expire

It’s essential to know the expiration date of the SASSA grants because the research says that SASSA pays 26 million grants monthly to deserving and needy people. In 2022, the SASSA spent R232 billion on social grants. 

Are you 100% relying on the SASSA money? The good news is that the SASSA SRD grant will remain until March 2024. President Cyril Ramaphosa plans to extend the grants further and increase SASSA SRD grant money.

How To Check SASSA Balance

You can check the SASSA balance via the online bank application and USSD code.

  1. Dial *120*69277# on your phone. Follow the prompts.
  2. Open the bank account application and check the history of receiving your grant money.

Frequently Ask Questions

How to check R350 for SASSA?

To check your SASSA status check for r350, follow the instructions below.

  • Visit SASSA’s official website (
  • Navigate to the SRD status on the website.
  • Enter your ID number and Phone number.
  • Your SASSA R350 status will be displayed on the screen.

How do I check my SASSA status 2023?

The SASSA status can be checked by visiting the SASSA official portal, where you need to enter your South African ID and phone number and click on the submit button so your SASSA stats will be shown to you.

How much is SASSA child grant 2023?

The SASSA will pay you R510 for the particular child grant.

Final Verdict

That was all about the SASSA status check for r350 payment dates for 2023-2024, and now it’s clear how you can check SASSA status, SRD status, SASSA decline, failed, pending and approval status.

Whether you are a new applicant or existing, you can check your SASSA current status on the SASSA official website,, to keep yourself updated.

If you want successful approval for your SASSA grant application, follow the guidelines on the SASSA official website. If your SASSA R350 grant status is pending, declined, cancelled or any other issues, you can resolve your problem with the help of this expert’s guide.

Are we still going to get R350 in 2023? Yes, don’t worry. The South African finance minister, Enoch Godongwana, has extended the Social Relief of Distress grant to March 2025.


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