SASSA Foster Care Grant

The foster care grant, also called the foster child grant, provides financial support to the foster parents to take care of the foster child. The foster child is assigned to the foster parents to take care of them in different circumstances, such as being orphaned, neglected, desolated, etc.

The foster parents are responsible for providing all the basic needs to the foster child. Some of the basic needs of the foster child are food, clothing, education, and medical care. If you are assigned to perform your duty as a foster parent, you must take care of all the child’s responsibilities.

The South African government pays the foster parents the funds to care for the foster child under 18 years of age. If the child is going to school studying primary or higher education, they have the right to receive their payment until they turn 18.

According to the SASSA means test, if the child leaves school and starts earning by doing a job or business, then SASSA will stop giving the grants money because of the ineligibility criteria.

If you have a foster child appointed by the court to provide all facilitation to them, then in this article, you will grant amounts, payment date, the application process, and the SASSA foster child grant eligibility criteria.

Foster Care Grant Payment Dates

The foster care grant payment date is 6 February 2024. If you don’t have received the foster child grant, contact the SASSA representative to ask about your payment.

Sometimes, your grant payment may be delayed if you didn’t add the payment method for receiving your funds. If you have already added the payment information, contact the SASSA toll-free number  0800601011 and ask why your payment has been delayed. 

Here is the complete list of SASSA care dependency grant payment dates.

MonthFoster Care Grant Amount Date
January – 20245/01/2024
List of SASSA Foster Child Grant Payment Date

SASSA Foster Care Grant Amount

The SASSA foster care grant amount is R1 130 per month (per child). According to the SASSA, the foster child grant amount is expected to increase by R10 from 1 April 2024.

The SASSA reviews your application every six months for this grant, which will determine your eligibility. If you are ineligible, you will be disqualified from receiving foster child grant payment.

If you are confused about when they will check my application asset and income threshold, I will prepare myself according to certain criteria. Then, the grant amount is adjusted on 1 April and 1 October.

Eligibility Criteria For SASSA Foster Child Grant

Before applying for the foster care grant, follow the criteria below to consider yourself eligible.

  • You should be a South African permanent citizen, refugee, or permanent residency status.
  •  Ensure that the foster parents and guardians taking care of the foster child should live in South Africa.
  • If you are the child’s foster parent, then it’s your responsibility that the child will be in your care.
  • Make sure you have the court order as a foster parent to take care of the foster child. 
  • The age of the foster child must be under 18.

How To Clear SASSA Means Test

The main motive of the SASSA means test is to determine the eligibility criteria of the foster child, whether he’s eligible or ineligible for the grant. If you are a foster parent according to court order of the foster child due to orphaned, neglect, or any other reason, then your income will not be counted.

SASSA will take the screening test of the foster child to check their income and determine their eligibility according to the specific criteria.

One of my friend’s grants has been approved as a foster care grant because their income was less than twice the annual foster child grant amount a year. If you are also that child looking for foster parents, then you are qualified for the foster child grant.

Documents Required For SASSA Foster Care Grant

Do you plan to apply for the foster care grant but are not aware of the documentation they require? Don’t I am here to help you by sharing that one of my orphan friends has already benefitted from the foster grant experience.

Bring the following document to the SASSA office while applying for FCG.

  • The Birth Certificate of the foster child as proof of their identity. Those who don’t have a Birth certificate can fill out the affidavit.
  • If you have a smart child card, bring it for you.
  • Are you a refugee? You must bring a permit and refugee ID with you.
  • You must show the South African ID as your spouse if you are married like me.
  • You must show proof of marital status, such as a Marriage certificate.
  • If you don’t have any relationship with your spouse and get a divorce, then you have to show a Divorce Certificate in such a case.
  • Unfortunately, if your spouse is dead, like one of my friends, Javid, then you have to submit the Death Certificate. 
  • Bring the court order of the foster child that it is in your care and submit it along with the application.

How To Apply For SASSA Foster Child Grant

Before applying to the SASSA office for the foster care grant, make sure you have the court order in your hand that you are the foster parent of the child for taking care of them.

If you don’t have the court order right now, go to the Department of Social Development office and request the court order. 

There are two ways to apply for the SASSA foster care child grant.

  1. Visit the nearest SASSA office and show him the court order you want to apply for the SASSA care grant. You will get the application form from the SASSA, fill it out, and submit it along with all the necessary documents.
  2. Go to the foster child grant option on the SASSA official portal. Login or register, then apply for the grant online. Don’t forget to attach the necessary documents with the application.

How To Check SASSA Foster Care Grant Status

  • To check the SASSA foster care grant status, visit
  • You will be redirected to the homepage of our website, where you can see two input fields and one button.
  • Enter the foster care parents’ South African ID in the first input field.
  • Enter the cell phone number you used while submitting the application in the second input field.
  • Click on the submit button to see the status of your application.

Final Verdict

The foster care grant is the life-saving partner for the foster child to take care of them if the child is orphaned, neglected by their family, or abandoned. This grant will help the foster child eliminate the financial burden and focus on their education and health care.

We have provided all the authentic information on how you can apply for the foster child grant, eligibility criteria, document requirements, and check your application status. You are the luckiest one getting all the information with ease here.

Due to poverty, if you are unable to meet the basic needs of your kids as a parent, then you should apply for a child support grant.

I have gotten everything from one of my foster child friends by getting all the authentic information within a few hours. He deserves to be in the care of foster parents. If you think you are the one who needs foster parents, you can also be part of the SASSA foster child grant like my friend.


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