Sassa Change Phone Number

If you are an applicant or beneficiary of SASSA but during the application, you have entered the contact number that you have a plan to switch or update, then don’t worry. The process of SASSA change phone number is simple and can be easily done within a few minutes.

When you change your number with SASSA, you will receive timely notifications on the new number related to the SASSA grants. It doesn’t matter what your application is at what stage the SASSA R350 change number can be done with several methods.

It’s necessary to update your mobile number when you do not receive notifications at the old number or plan to switch it. Are you getting the grants? Updating all the information and phone numbers is essential to receive your SRD R350 grant payment without delay. You can also change SASSA’s banking details with SASSA’s contact details.

Quick Guide To SASSA Change Phone Number

There are several methods to change your SASSA cell number. I have change my SASSA phone number through the first method. You can go for any of the below methods.

1. Change SASSA Cell Phone Number Online

  • Visit the SASSA official website through link
  • Enter your South Africa ID and phone number in the input fields.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • Find the option of “Change Phone Number” and click on it.
  • Enter your new South African phone number to update SASSA’s contact details.
  • You will receive an OTP code to your old phone number for confirmation that it’s originally associated with you.
  • Enter the OTP code you received via SMS and click the save button.
  • You will receive another message requesting confirmation that you want to change your cell number. Agree with it if you want to change your phone number; otherwise, disallow the request if you didn’t try to change it.
  • Click on the submit button to update your cell number.

2. Change SASSA Phone Number Via Call

  • Go to your smartphone dialer.
  • Dial 080060 10 11 and call to it.
  • Press 3 to speak with SASSA customer support.
  • Discuss the issue with the SASSA consultant that I want to change my SASSA profile phone number.
  • SASSA will ask for information such as ID, old phone number, application ID, etc.
  • When SASSA verifies that this account was originally associated with you, they will give instructions about changing the phone number.

3. SASSA Change Phone Number Via Email

  • Go to the Gmail option on your smartphone or Laptop.
  • Send an email to “” and type a professional email that I want to change my SASSA phone number.
  • SASSA will ask for the necessary information to change your phone number via email.
  • Make sure to mention the reasons in the description why you want to change your phone number.

4. SASSA Change Cell Phone Number By Visiting SASSA Office

If the SASSA office is near you, then this one is the best option to change your SASSA phone number and see the environment of the SASSA office. Here is the step-by-step procedure for changing phone numbers at the SASSA office.

  • Visit SASSA Office: Visit the nearest SASSA office available in your area to update your phone number more efficiently with the help of the SASSA consultant.
  • Bring Identification Documents: Bring original documents with you to the SASSA office for verification. 
  • Approach the Client Service Desk: Go to the area where SASSA representatives are sitting and inform them that I want to change my phone number.
  • Verification Process: Cooperate with the SASSA consultant to verify your identity.
  • Active Phone Number: Ensure you have the new phone number active on your mobile, which helps verify OTP.
  • Receive Confirmation: You will receive confirmation that your phone number has been changed in the SASSA application.

The SASSA will verify your new contact details within two weeks to receive the notification related to the SASSA latest news.

Changing your phone number frequently multiple times is not recommended, which may affect your next grant payments.

Reasons Why You Need To Change SASSA Phone Number

There are different reasons for SASSA change cell phone number.

  • Timely Notifications: You will get notifications on time-related to the SASSA payments on your active cell phone number.
  • Cell Phone Stolen: When a thief stole your phone, you must change your old phone number. You can later block the sim when someone steals it. 
  • Sim Card Lost: When you lose your sim card, changing your phone number in the SASSA profile is the best option.
  • Program Changes and Updates: When you plan to change your phone and update it. 
  • Preventing Payment Issues: If you have an outdated phone number, it may lead to payment delays.

Report Stolen Phone/SIM Promptly for Swift Action

If you are the beneficiary of the SASSA grants, but someone has stolen your phone/sim card, you must report it to the SASSA team to stop unauthorized access from your account.

  • If your registered phone number with SASSA has been stolen, then click on the link
  • Enter a South African ID number to report an unauthorized change in a cell phone number.
  • Now, you have to agree with the change in the cell phone number without permission.
  • Click the “Yes” button to submit the report to the SASSA team. Your SIM card has been stolen or lost.
  • You will be notified that your unauthorized complaint about your cell phone number has been submitted. 
  • Wait patiently. SASSA will verify everything and contact you.

Have you lost your ID? You can change the SRD phone number without the application ID as well. If you haven’t received any update from the SASSA, then directly call the SASSA helpline to request a temporary hold on your grant payment. 

Final Verdict

The SASSA change phone number is the best option to get updates about payment dates and other latest information on time. Whether you have lost the old SIM or want to update your contact details, you will be informed of the latest news on the SASSA services.

It’s essential to have the active phone number on your SASSA profile that sends you the notification to the SASSA relative news. I hope now it’s clear about changing SASSA’s cell number.

Why has my phone number not been updated? If you have changed your SASSA phone number, it will take two weeks to update.


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