SASSA Grant In Aid

SASSA Grant In Aid provides funds to South African citizens who cannot take care of themselves and need full-time care at home. If you can’t hire someone who can provide all the necessary resources, this grant will give full-time caregiving service free of cost.

If you are mentally or physically disabled and unable to earn work and earn money to live a comfortable life, then this grant is for you. Those who are disabled can apply for disability grants to get the maximum amount of money to fulfil their basic needs in life.

It’s the lifeline for individuals with disability issues and financial hardship, so SASSA will provide the financial assistance and care to make your difficult life easy.

To be eligible for the SASSA Grant In Aid, you must pass the specific criteria according to the SASSA means test. Your application will be accepted if you meet the criteria.

If you think your application was rejected mistakenly and deserve the grant, you can apply for SASSA reconsideration. Let’s dive into the details of the eligibility criteria, document requirements, and application process and understand its suspension and its lapsing reasons.

SASSA Grant In Aid Payment Date

The SASSA Grant In Aid payment date is 5 Feb 2024. If you are unsure about the current month or when you will receive the payment, call the SASSA helpline to confirm the payment date.

Sometimes, you may receive the payment late due to system glitches, so you don’t need to be worried about it. Be patient. You will receive the fee for the current month according to the SASSA payment disbursement date.

SASSA Grant In Aid Grant Amount

The SASSA Grant In Aid amount is R510. The SASSA has announced that R10 will increase the grant amount starting 1 April 2024. There are no fees to apply for the grant. You can apply for it without hesitation if you are eligible for the grant.

SASSA Grant In Aid Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible for this grant, you must receive any of the receiving grants.
  1. War Veteran grant
  2. Old Age Grant
  3. Disability Grant
  • If you can’t take care of yourself due to physical or mental disability.
  •  Make sure you are not receiving any care in a state of institutions.
  •  You have to show the medical report as proof of your mental or physical disability.

Required Documents To Apply For SASSA Grant In Aid

Before visiting the SASSA office, bring the following documents with you.

  • Your original ID document.
  •  A medical report assessment that provides proof of your disability that you need full-time care at home.
  •  Make sure the medical report is not more than three months old. You can make the report from the private Doctor or state Doctor.
  • Documents proof of your marital status such as Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, etc.

How To Apply For SASSA Grant In Aid

To apply for the SASSA Grant In Aid, you visit the SASSA office. Here is the complete procedure for applying for the GID in the SASSA office.

  • Visit the SASSA nearest office or ask a family member to help apply on your behalf.
  •  Request the SASSA representative that you want to apply for the SASSA Grant In Aid.
  •  SASSA agent will provide you with an application form.
  •  Fill out the form and make sure to enter all the information accurately.
  •  If you need help filling out the application form, you can ask for SASSA agent help.
  •  While submitting, make sure to submit the medical report along with it that will be proof of your disability.

How To Check Status of SASSA Grant In Aid

  • To check the status of SASSA Grant In Aid, visit
  •  Enter your South African ID.
  •  Enter the cell phone number you have used during the application.
  •  Click on the submit button.
  •  The status of your application will displayed to you on the screen.

Review and Suspension of the SASSA Grant In Aid

SASSA has the right to review the application even if approved, and you receive funds from the grant. In my opinion, it’s the best option to review every application, whether it’s still passing the SASSA, which means test eligibility criteria or not.

SASSA may suspend your grant due to the following reasons.

  • Circumstance change
  • Fraudulent activity
  • Provided wrong information in the application
  • Outcome review

Reasons for Lapsing of the SASSA Grant Aid

Your SASSA Grant In Aid may lapse for the following reasons.

  • If you pass away.
  •  If you didn’t provide the proof of the live certificate, ensure you are live. You will be notified annually to submit a live certificate.
  •  If you didn’t collect the grant payment for the three consecutive months.
  •  You are admitted to a state institution such as a hospital or home.
  •  You are absent from the country for three months without any notice.

Final Verdict

SASSA Grant In Aid is a vital support for people suffering from disabilities and unable to work. It’s the second for the deserving and needy people to give you financial support throughout the economic hardship.

The SASSA means test will ensure that only deserving individuals should benefit from the grant. If you are alone and struggling in your life but cannot support yourself, Grant In Aid is the best option to apply for it.

When your grant application is approved, you will receive funds from the Grant In Aid to receive financial support from the SASSA team. 

What expenses does the SASSA Grant In Aid cover? The SASSA Grant In Aid will cover the financial burden and medical costs and take full-time care of the disabled person as required.


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