SASSA Status Pending

Sassa Status Pending

One of my South African friends applied for the SASSA Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, but when he tried to check SASSA stats, a message appeared SASSA status pending, which shocked him, so most people wondered what it meant.

Many SASSA applicants have seen the status marked as pending and need clarification about why their status is still pending. The sassa status pending means that your application has not been approved yet. It is under verification process, and you have to wait some more.

Sometimes, some information has been missed in the application form, so your SASSA status is pending. You can call the SASSA helpine so they can ask for the additional information required for verification purposes. 

Don’t worry. You are not the only one waiting for their grant application approval. SASSA receives vast applications daily, so processing all of them must be time-consuming. So be patient. Your application will be approved soon.

If, after entering your South African ID number and Phone number, your status has been showing as pending in the portal, then to know it means solutions, you are here at the right place.

SASSA Status Pending

The SASSA status pending means that your application is under review or a verification process that takes some time.

Several reasons could lead to the pending status that causes a delay in the SRD 350 grant application. It’s essential to understand all the facts behind the pending status.

Here are some common reasons why your SASSA status might be pending.

  • Document Verification: SASSA might be reviewing the documents you submitted during the applications. If there is any discrepancy or missing information found, according to the SASSA team, it may lead to the pending status.
  • Application Review: The application is under a review process that will check the eligibility criteria according to the specific grants you have applied for.
  • System Processing Delays: Sometimes, technical issues or system glitches in the SASSA website may lead to the pending status and will be solved over time.
  • Increased Application Volume: Sometimes, when many South African citizens apply for the R350 grant, the SASSA team may take more time to process the application, leading to the pending status.
  • Additional Information Required: The SASSA team may require additional information before proceeding with the application, so your SASSA status will be pending until you have submitted the required information.

If you want to address the status pending issues, call the SASSA helpline and ask them why your status is pending so they can guide you further to approve your SASSA status.

How SASSA Will Verify Your Application

First of all, SASSA will verify the details of the applicants that are submitted in the applications. The SASSA team will send your specific details, such as Name, Phone number, and ID number, to the home affairs department.

The Home Affairs Department will verify whether the applicants get grants from other organizations. To verify the other grants, they will check all details with different organization’s databases, such as the South African Revenue Services (SARS) Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

If you have found that you are taking other grants from the organization, SASSA will reject your status.

Also, they will verify from the National Register of Social Grants (NRSG) and Department of Social Development (DSD) that you are taking any grants from the organization.

Are you involved in any fraudulent activity like one of my friends? Upon checking your status on the SASSA website, they have the right to show you that your SASSA status has declined.

Steps For Solving SASSA Status Pending

If you want to solve SASSA’s pending issues, here is the following guide to help you solve your pending status problem.

  • Contact SASSA Helpline: You need to contact the SASSA helpline to ask about the specific reasons behind the pending status. The SASSA team will let you know about your current status, and if any additional information is required, provide it.
  • Provide Missing Information: Sometimes your application is pending due to missing information, so try to submit all the required documents, helping SASSA to verify your details quickly.
  • Check for Updates Online: Visit the SASSA official website and log in to your website to check the updated status of the submitted application. The portal will provide real-time information about your SASSA status.
  • Stay Informed About Delays: Sometimes, your application may be delayed without any reason, so contact the SASSA helpline to update your status.
  • Visit Local SASSA Office: This was my favorite option to solve the pending status if I was a South African citizen. When you go to the SASSA office, you can directly contact the official to address the pending status issue more effectively.
  • Follow Up Regularly: If you have provided the additional information, fix all the issues leading to the pending status, then go to the SASSA official website regularly to check your updated status.
  • Ensure Application Completeness: When submitting the application for the first time to the R350 grants, ensure the accurate and required information.

By following the above steps, you can solve SASSA status pending issues and increase the chance of getting your application approved.

How Long Does SASSA Pending Take

When you apply for the Sass grant, you must wait patiently. According to the SASSA administration, they have said that after submitting the applications, you have to wait three months to process their applications.

Sometimes, your application may be processed quickly. Still, it depends on several factors, such as how much application SASSA has received, system delays, or you may required to submit additional information leading to the status of pending issues.

How to Check the SASSA Status

It’s essential to know about checking the status of your SASSA grant application. To check your SASSA application’s current status, follow the instructions below.

  • Visit the SASSA official website and go to the status section.
  • Enter your South Africa ID and Phone number in the input fields.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • The current SASSA status of your account will be shown to you. If it’s still pending, wait patiently or contact the SASSA helpline.

Frequently Ask Questions

Why my application is still pending?

Your SASSA application is still pending because it has not been approved yet. The SASSA officials will review your documents and information and verify them before approving your application. The SASSA will check the eligibility criteria and update your application status within three months.

How long does it take for SRD status to change from pending?

It will take 2 weeks to 3 months to update your status to pending, rejected or approved. It will depend on the application you submitted and the information you provided. If you want to be the beneficiary of SASSA, ensure you are not receiving any grants from other organizations.

How long will it take for my SASSA grant to be approved?

It depends on the different factors, such as the information and the documents you have provided while applying. SASSA will take 1-3 months to approve the application.

Final Verdict

The SASSA status pending doesn’t mean that your application has been rejected or declined. It means that your application is under review and eligibility checks before taking the final decision.

If you are a South African citizen and have applied right now or a few weeks ago for the R350 grant application, you might be wondering about Status pending issues. Wait patiently. Your application status will be updated within three months.

If the SASSA application status takes too long to update, you can call the SASSA helpline about the pending status or any other issue.

When have you applied for the SASSA grants, and how long has your SASSA status been showing pending? I hope this article helps you a lot. That is why your SASSA grants status is pending.


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