SASSA Grant Extended To March 2025

SASSA Grant Extended To March 2025

Do you want to rely on the SASSA grants? You must want to know about the R500 SASSA grant extension month and year SASSA gives the grant amounts to their eligible beneficiaries. The SASSA program provides financial support to many individuals with financial difficulties.

The SASSA grant extended to March 2025. This is good news for those who are especially dependent on the grants. The SASSA mainly aims to alleviate the financial burdens on the families affected by the by pandemic or joblessness.

There are different types of SASSA grants, including SRD grants, disability grants, child support grants, old age people grants, etc. It doesn’t matter if you are getting the benefits of what type of grant SASSA announces the extension of all grants.

The SASSA grants are the lifeline for the citizens of South Africa, helping individuals and families to support financially. SASSA also offers full-time care for the specific beneficiary at home. The SASSA grant extension makes life easy for millions of South African citizens.

As the people of South Africa face financial hardship, the SASSA extension gives relief to millions of people to provide much-needed stability and support in financial difficulties.

SASSA Grant Extended To March 2025

The SASSA SRD grant has been extended to March 2025. The previous extension was till March 2024. The SASSA is giving the extension after a year. 

According to the source, the finance minister, Enoch Godongwana, said in the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) in the Parliament on Wednesday, 1 Nov 2023, that we will extend the SASSA grants for another year until March 2025.

In Parliament, some officers disagree with the SASSA extension, especially with the SRD grant launched during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to them, the pandemic has gone 90% throughout South Africa. 

Many people have lost their jobs in the COVID-19 pandemic. This is why the SRD grant has been extended to help unemployed citizens of South Africa. 

The R35.2 billion has been allocated to extend the SRD grant for another two years, 2025/26. If you are getting the SRD grant, then you don’t need to be worried that it’s going to be an end. You will receive the grant funds for another two years, and after that, the SASSA Finance Minister will make a plan for more extension.

The SRD grant may become permanent, and mostly unemployed South African citizens can benefit from it. You can check your SRD status online to ensure eligibility.

Enoch Godongwana Proposes Permanent SASSA SRD Grant

The SRD grant was introduced in 2020, especially during COVID-19, and it was a temporary grant for people with zero income due to the pandemic. Most SASSA beneficiaries need clarification about whether the SRD grant will be permanent.

Enoch Godongwana, Finance Minister, has extended the SRD grant till 2026. SASSA has a plan to provide financial support to the unemployed citizens of South Africa.

Many people hope that SASSA may make the SRD grant permanent like other social grants such as disabled, old age, etc. You will get the SRD grant for the next two years. After that, SASSA will extend or make it permanent.

Current SASSA Grant Amount

The SRD grant amount is R350, and it will never be changed. You may have heard the news that SASSA is increasing the SRD grant amount, but it’s fake.

The South African Government has no plan to increase its grant amount because it’s temporary. The SASSA launched the SRD grant on COVID-19 pandemic situations.

Unemployed citizens of South Africa can also benefit from the SRD R350 grant.

When Is the SASSA Grant Paid

If you are eligible for an SRD grant, it will be paid in the last week of every month. You can check SASSA payment dates to ensure when you will get your payment.

If you have applied for the SRD grant, you can check the SASSA application status on our website. Those whose application has been rejected can apply for SASSA reconsideration.

Final Verdict

The SASSA grant extended for the next year March 2025. SASSA usually extends the contract after a year. The SASSA grant extension plays an important role in the lifeline of the deserving individual dependent on the SRD grant.

Millions of South African citizens are happy with Finance Minister Godongwana’s grant extension. In my opinion, it’s a good decision to support the unemployed citizens of South Africa in their financial hardship.


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